How to apply for Snapper tags for recreational fishers

If you are a recreational fisher, you must hold Recreational Snapper tags to be able to fish for Snapper in the 2020 season, which opens 1 February 2020. Without a Recreational Snapper tag you cannot fish for Snapper in South Australia. Tag recipients must be present at all times when fishing for Snapper, and all Snapper that are landed must be tagged.

A ballot system was used to allocate a limited number of tags to recreational fishers who applied to target Snapper in the South East region.

Recreational tags for Snapper

  • To be able to catch Snapper during the South East fishing season as a recreational fisher, you need to have successfully applied for tags through the ballot system.
  • A tag is a device similar to a large zip-tie that can be attached to fish. Each tag has a unique serial number which is used for identification purposes.
  • Recreational fishers will not be charged an administration fee for the management of tags.
  • The number of tags is limited to ensure the recreational catch fits within the total allowable recreational catch set for the South East. The recreational catch of Snapper in the South East will be managed by the tag system, not bag and boat limits.
  • Tags will be issued in two allocations
    • The first allocation of 50% will be released at random to residents applying from the South East. See map of applicable post codes (PDF 463.9 KB).
    • The second allocation of 50% will be released at random to residents applying from South Australia (excluding the South East).
  • Independent members of the Snapper Management Advisory Committee will oversee the ballot for recreational Snapper tags.
  • If you are successful in the ballot for recreational Snapper tags, your tags and additional information will be posted to you.
  • If you are unsuccessful in the ballot, you will be notified via email.
  • If an undersized Snapper is caught, it must be returned to the water immediately using a release weight. In South Australia, you must now carry a release weight with you at all times when fishing for Snapper.
  • Recreational Snapper tags cannot be transferred and tag holders will be required to report on the use of their recreational Snapper tags.
  • A minimum size limit of 38 cm will continue to apply.

Frequently asked questions

For more information, please refer to our frequently asked questions for Snapper management arrangements  (PDF 203.2 KB).

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Page Last Reviewed: 19 Jan 2020
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