The Snapper Management Advisory Committee

The Snapper Management Advisory Committee (the Committee) was established in 2019 to provide advice on Snapper science and management programs for the commercial marine scalefish, charter boat, recreational and Aboriginal traditional fisheries. With backgrounds in fishery science, management, and industry, the Committee offers a broad spectrum of perspectives and expertise to inform the future of Snapper in South Australia.

The Committee chair and members are:

Hon Amanda Vanstone

Independent Chair

Graham Keegan

Chair, Minister’s Recreational Fishing Advisory Council

Gary Lloyd

President, Surveyed Charter Boat Owners and Operators Association

Julian Morison

Independent Fisheries Economist, EconSearch BDO

Franca Romeo

Executive Officer, Wildcatch Fisheries SA

Keith Rowling

Fisheries management, Primary Industries and Regions SA

Dr David C Smith

Independent scientist, CSIRO

Dr Michael Steer

Fisheries science, South Australian Research and Development Institute

Chair’s Reports

Page Last Reviewed: 06 Jan 2020
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