Riverland Wine and Food Centre

The Government of South Australia recognises the importance of wine, food and tourism to the Riverland and has committed to the development of a business case and detailed plans to help advance a state-of-the-art Riverland Wine and Food Centre.

The Riverland Wine and Food Centre presents a unique opportunity to lift the reputation of the Riverland, grow visitation to the region and increase investment across a range of sectors that contribute to the region’s economic development.

Consultation process

PIRSA is seeking input and ideas from industry and the community to help inform the development of a business case to establish a dedicated wine and food centre in the Riverland.

The consultation process has commenced with the release of a discussion paper on 4 January 2019, which outlines a range of issues concerning the development of a Centre in the Riverland.

The paper and consultation process seeks to:

  • formalise the base case and reasons for development
  • confirm the functions and principles
  • identify the criteria for where the Centre may be located
  • identify opportunities to maximise the Centre’s success
  • explore the role of industry, community and government in the development and ongoing operation of the Centre.

Submissions are now being sought in response to the questions outlined in the discussion paper. These include questions relate to the value proposition, functions and principles, and ideal model to be adopted for the Centre.

Feedback to the discussion paper must be submitted to PIRSA.RWFC@sa.gov.au by 28 February 2019.

Download the discussion paper

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