Forest Industry Advisory Council of SA

The Forest Industry Advisory Council of South Australia (FIACSA), established in December 2018, brings together key industry stakeholders to provide advice to the State Government on further developing the forestry sector.

The FIACSA aims to strengthen communication between government and industry, allowing stakeholders to discuss strategic policy issues and work towards common objectives.

The FIACSA comprises eleven captains of industry who each bring a very high level of industry knowledge and commercial responsibility.

The establishment of the FIACSA is an important step in achieving the industry target of doubling the economic value of the forest manufacturing industry by 2050.

Objectives of the advisory council

Key objectives of the FIACSA include:

  • playing an important role in identifying how industry and government can create the right environment for business to thrive
  • maintaining a strong working relationship with the Australian Forest Products Association and other industry stakeholders
  • advising on other industry initiatives including the opportunities and impediments for expansion of the State’s plantation estate, and a sustainable and safe forestry and forest products industry sector.

Forest Industry Advisory Council of SA members

  • Wendy Fennell (Chair), Managing Director, Fennell Forestry
  • Mark Rogers, Managing Director, New Forests
  • Laurie Hein, Managing Director, Green Triangle Forest Products
  • Jill Stone, Three Streams Farm and Farm Forestry expert
  • Ian McDonnell, Managing Director, NF McDonnell and Sons
  • Linda Sewell, Chief Executive Officer, OneFortyOne Plantations Pty Ltd
  • Ian Tyson, Chief Executive Officer, Timberlink Australia Ltd
  • Tammy Auld, Woodflow Manager, Timberlands Pacific
  • Martin Crevatin, National Operations Manager, PF Olsen Australia
  • Peter Badenoch, Managing Director, Plantation Treated Timber
  • Emma Daly, Executive Manager, Van Schaiks Bio Gro



FIACSA Secretariat - PIRSA Forestry
Postal address: GPO Box 1671, Adelaide SA 5001

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