Improve productivity and profitability

A multifaceted approach will be taken to improve on-farm productivity and build resilience of livestock businesses through better decision making.

The Red Meat and Wool Growth Program is supporting an extension-based program demonstrating how technology, data, and improved business acumen can drive productivity and efficiency gains.

Components of the pillar include:

Producer Technology Group

Producer Technology Group activities will upskill and provide the opportunity for livestock producers to support each other in the implementation and practical application of precision livestock management technologies.

The aim of the Producer Technology Groups:

  • Explore and share experiences and knowledge on ways precision livestock management technologies can be used.
  • Learn from experts on how technologies could assist you to improve productivity, efficiency and profitability in your business.
  • Support producer members to implement and apply technology to improve productivity and profitability.
  • Precision livestock management technologies include (but are not limited to) individual animal electronic identification (EID), automatic drafters and handlers, and telemetry (e.g. remote monitoring of livestock, water and/or pastures).

Each group will be facilitated by livestock consultants with the support of technical experts over the next two years.

As a result of an Expression of Interest (EoI) process conducted this year, ten groups have formed across the state with another six to be established during the 2020-21 year.

Livestock Enterprise Planning

Livestock producers wanting to improve their business acumen and planning can now sign up to the Red Meat and Wool Growth Program’s Livestock Enterprise Planning sessions.

Sessions will be held in multiple locations across South Australia.

For more information or to book visit

Industry Service Provider Upskilling

Wool buyers, brokers, livestock agents and consultants will be given the opportunity to improve their awareness on how technologies, such electronic identification (eID), can be used to continuously monitor farm animals and their immediate environments, and how this data can be used to make informed production decisions on-farm.

Upskilling these service providers will ensure red meat and wool producers are fully supported in the implementation of Precision Livestock Management (PLM) technologies and data-based decision making on their properties.

For producers, the incorporation of PLM technologies, and the subsequent data generated, has the potential to lead to better informed management decisions and improved economic outcomes. Data has the potential to help producers identify top performing animals and inform management decisions – which is particularly important when faced with seasonal setbacks or market variability.

The first of the industry service provider upskilling workshops was held in Lucindale on 26 February. It was specifically designed to provide wool buyers and brokers an opportunity to view an operational eID system on a wool property.

Upskilling Livestock Producers on New Technologies - media release.

Livestock Technology Expos

Held biannually, the expos aim to highlight the latest livestock technology innovations, demonstrate technology that is readily available to producers, and facilitate the adoption and use of technology by beef, wool and sheep producers to increase business efficiency, profitability and productivity.

Expo Tech Talks will cover topics such as:

  • implementing livestock technology
  • implementation of electronic Identification (eID) for profitability and productivity
  • cattle and sheep yard design
  • examples of producer experiences with technology
  • telemetry
  • and more.

There will also be a number of trade displays including:

  • precision livestock management (eg eID equipment)
  • farm management systems (eg farm software)
  • livestock handling equipment
  • remote sensing technology (eg telemetry).

These events are co-funded by Meat and Livestock Australia, Sheep Connect SA/ Australian Wool Innovation and the SA Sheep and Cattle Industry Funds.

Due to COVID-19 regulations, the Livestock Technology Expo planned for 2019/20 have been postponed. A series of online resources and Tech Talks have been developed as an alternative to face to face livestock expos.

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