Install Infrastructure

The Install Infrastructure pillar aims to stimulate industry and private sector investment into infrastructure installation, particularly in electronic animal identification (eID) and systems in sale yards, red meat manufacturing facilities and on-farm.

Technology Assistance Grants

The Technology Assistance Grants (TAG) program is aimed at key South Australian saleyards and red meat processing facilities to encourage industry investment in eID infrastructure. This co-investment opportunity aims to accelerate the adoption of eID technology across the sheep and beef cattle industries.

South Australian saleyards and red meat processing facilities can apply for grants of up to $200,000 to purchase and install electronic identification (eID) systems

Under the TAG program, rebates for up to 50 per cent of costs for eID infrastructure and associated activities - including external industry advice and staff training – are available to saleyards and red meat processors who meet the eligibility criteria.

This co-investment in eID infrastructure aims to:

  • drive the adoption of better data capture, sharing and management tools by sheep and/or beef cattle processors and saleyards
  • increase processing or yarding efficiency within sheep and/or beef cattle processors and saleyards
  • establish carcass data to farmers to enhance on-farm management
  • improve the transparency and traceability of individual animals within the value chain to enhance (or at least maintain) product integrity.

The TAG program is also aimed at helping to stimulate market pull for other members of the red meat and wool value chains to invest in EID technology and infrastructure.

Who is eligible to apply for the Program?

To be able to access funding under the Program you must be an eligible saleyard or sheep and/or beef cattle processor.


  1. You are a business entity or council operating one or more public saleyards at which sheep and/or beef cattle are sold, and
  2. Have a current Property Identification Code (PIC) registered as a saleyard.

Sheep and/or Beef Cattle Processors

  1. You are a business involved in processing sheep and/or beef cattle within South Australian meat processing sites, and
  2. Have a current Property Identification Code (PIC) registered as an abattoir/meat processor.

If the application is approved, project activities co-funded by the Program must commence within 3 months and be completed within 12 months of receiving an approved application.

To Apply:

  • Download the grant guidelines and application form (hyperlink)
  • Send your completed applications (with supporting documentation) to:

Red Meat & Wool Program
PIRSA – Rural Solutions SA
GPO Box 1671

  • Alternatively, completed applications and supporting documentation can be sent via email to:

Applications close at 5pm ACST 13 June 2020.

Livestock Enterprise Action Plan Incentive

The Red Meat and Wool Program will provide an incentive for producers to implement their Livestock Enterprise Planning (LEP) Business and Technology Action Plan.

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