Working at PIRSA

We think it’s important for our people to have a healthy work-life balance. Some of the flexible working arrangements we offer are:

  • flexi time
  • home based work
  • purchased leave
  • part-time work
  • compressed weeks.

Health and wellbeing program

We are committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment and recognise that the wellbeing of our employees is reflective of a supportive work environment, which contributes to positive business outcomes.

To further support the wellbeing of our employees’ health and wellbeing services are also available to immediate family members and/or members of the household.

Work-life balance policies


This policy ensures those in caring roles have access to flexible work arrangements.

Carers Policy (DOCX 438.3 KB).


We are an accredited Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace and aim to provide a supportive and flexible environment for women who are breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Accredited Workplace logo

Breastfeeding Policy (DOCX 44.9 KB).

Family room

Sometimes it can be hard to find care for family members at short notice. Our family rooms provide a solution for short-term care.

Family Room Guidelines (DOCX 490.2 KB).

Keeping in touch

It can be difficult to return to work after a prolonged period of leave. We want to keep our people updated with workplace news and changes that affect them. Maintaining this connection helps their return to work.

Keeping in Touch Policy (DOCX 213.2 KB).

Equal opportunities policies

Equity and diversity

We know the value of diversity in the workplace. Supporting diversity means we make decisions based on merit rather than:

  • culture
  • gender
  • racial background
  • age
  • sexuality
  • appearance.

We are an equal opportunity employer.

Supporting and developing women

Our Women Influencing Agribusiness and Regions strategy provides support to women in our industry. This strategy aims to help women:

  • access professional growth opportunities
  • get exposure to a diverse range of career pathways
  • overcome challenges faced by women in the workplace.

Aboriginal employment

We are working with The Office for the Commissioner for Public Employment to become an employer of choice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Read about our commitment to Aboriginal Reconciliation.


People with disabilities deserve the same fundamental rights as everyone else. Our action plan aims to provide an inclusive workplace for people with disabilities. This plan also recognises carers.

Accessibility and Inclusion Action Plan (DOCX 104.9 KB)

LGBTIQ inclusion and awareness

We are an equal opportunity employer who works towards ensuring that all South Australians feel safe and valued. PIRSA aims to increase awareness and education to ensure inclusion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) people.

LGBTIQ Action Plan (DOCX 80.4 KB)

White Ribbon Workplace Accredited

We are White Ribbon Workplace Accredited, our expectations, values, policies and practices in our planning and daily operations contribute towards cultural change to prevent and respond to violence against women.

Domestic Violence

This policy is designed to ensure that employees who are experiencing or escaping domestic or family violence are recognised and supported by PIRSA.

Domestic Violence Workplace Policy (DOCX 212.9 KB)

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