Trial AgTech products

Are you interested in trialling your AgTech products in South Australia?

We have established AgTech hubs that serve as new technology testbeds and support:

  • proof-of-concept assessment of innovative AgTech solutions with commercial potential for South Australian primary production systems, and markets beyond South Australia.
  • validation within South Australia of innovative AgTech that was developed interstate or overseas that has great commercial potential for South Australian primary production systems.

Call for expressions of interest (EOI) to trial AgTech products at testbeds

Expressions of interest are open to AgTech developers who would like to evaluate and validate their products at PIRSA AgTech testbeds located on our demonstration farms.

Eligibility criteria include:

  • relevance of the technology solution to South Australian production systems
  • presence of the company within South Australia
  • provision of a cash or in-kind contribution to the trial
  • technologies proposed for trial must demonstrate sustainable competitive advantage through high barriers to entry and uniqueness that cannot be easily replicated
  • evidence of technical or commercial feasibility of the technology
  • demonstrated access to the relevant know how or existing and potential intellectual property (IP) that will be necessary for the trial.

For approved trials, PIRSA will contribute:

  • time and expertise of technical and research staff
  • access to farm fields, paddocks and crops
  • access to co-working space.

If your AgTech testbed application is successful, this will not constitute trial approval or a contract and should not create any legal expectation on the part of the applicant unless an agreement is executed by both parties. If successful you will be invited to liaise with PIRSA, co-develop, and enter into an agreement that is acceptable to both parties.

How to trial your AgTech product or solution

We are seeking expressions of interest for AgTech proof-of-concept assessment and product validation proposals as outlined below for each demonstration farm.




Struan and Kybybolite


Apply now

To apply, submit the AgTech testbed expression of interest form.

We will then contact you if we need any additional information before letting you know whether you are invited to negotiate an AgTech testbed trial.


For further information about trialling your AgTech product or solution please contact:

Robyn Terry – Senior AgTech Extension Officer

Further information

Find out how to develop your AgTech ideas in a start-up hub.

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