Pastoral leases in South Australia

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Pastoral Leases

A pastoral lease allows the occupation and use of Crown (government) land for the use of grazing or raising livestock (pastoralism). There are 323 pastoral leases that cover over 40% of South Australia.

The Pastoral Board of South Australia is responsible to the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development for the administration of the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989.

The objectives of the Act are to ensure that pastoral leases:

  • are well managed so its resources are maintained and its yield sustained
  • provide a system of tenure for pastoral purposes, that is, for the pasturing of stock and other ancillary purposes
  • recognise Aboriginal persons' rights to follow traditional pursuits
  • provide a system of public access to and through pastoral land
  • provide for the operation of wind farms.

Pastoral Lease Rent Rebate

In March, the Government, supported by the Pastoral Board, applied an across the board 50% rebate to all 2018-19 pastoral lease rents.

Lessees are advised that new invoices are being issued to reflect the reduced rental payment due. Therefore please disregard the earlier invoice/s you received in January. For anyone who has paid in part or full, any money paid above the reduced amount will be reimbursed. For those of you that have made these additional payments, you will be contacted by PIRSA staff to request a copy of your banking details shortly.

For further information on the rebate and other drought support options including business advice and assistance, please visit the PIRSA drought hub online or contact the PIRSA Drought Hotline on 1800 931 314 or email:

Pastoral Board

The Pastoral Board is responsible for supporting the Minister to administer the Act by providing policy advice, and general advice when requested by the Minister.

Pastoral Board information

Pastoral Unit

The Pastoral Unit is responsible for supporting the Pastoral Board and the Minister in managing the Act.

Pastoral Unit information

Pastoral lease holders

Pastoral lease holders (lessees) manage properties across the vast South Australian outback. The Act states that they must follow good land management practices, prevent land degradation, endeavour to improve the condition of the land, and comply with their lease conditions.

Pastoral lease holder information

Pastoral lease tenure forms

For dealings related to tenure such as transferring a lease or sub-leasing:

Pastoral lease tenure forms

Travelling across a pastoral lease

Certain routes through pastoral land can be accessed by the public. These are known as 'public access routes'. To travel on other tracks on a pastoral lease, permission from the lessee must be obtained.

Pastoral land can also be used by Aboriginal persons for the purpose of following traditional pursuits.

More about travelling across pastoral leases


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