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Find out what assistance is available to support pastoral businesses and pastoral communities during drought conditions.

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Pastoral Board

The Pastoral Board of South Australia is responsible to the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development for the administration of the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989.

The board provides policy advice, and general advice when requested by the Minister.

Members of the Pastoral Board

Members of the Pastoral Board are appointed under the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989. The six Pastoral Board members are appointed for up to a three year term and come from a range of backgrounds.

Collectively the Board has an extensive knowledge of the administrative, environmental and economic pastoral issues faced in the South Australian pastoral lands.

The Pastoral Board appointments are:


  • David Larkin AM (Presiding Member)
  • Mark Fennell
  • Colin Greenfield
  • Bruce Nutt
  • Tammy Partridge
  • Jenny Treloar

Deputy members

  • Jim McBride (Deputy to David Larkin)
  • Sharon Oldfield (Deputy to Mark Fennell)
  • Jodie Gregg-Smith (Deputy to Colin Greenfield)
  • Karina Sheehan (Deputy to Bruce Nutt)
  • Mark Anderson (Deputy to Tammy Partridge)
  • Keith Slade (Deputy to Jenny Treloar)

Meetings for 2020

  • 27 February
  • 9 July
  • 27 August
  • 24 September (Port Augusta)
  • December (date TBC)

Pastoral Board Communique

The Pastoral Board Communique will be distributed approximately bi-monthly and include information about Board meetings and events.

Pastoral Board policies

The Board's policy work is guided by the Pastoral Board Policy Framework (PDF 658.1 KB).

The Pastoral Board is currently reviewing all policies, please check here for updates.

Strategy and governance

Annual Reports

More information


Pastoral Board of SA
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