Wine industry funds

South Australia’s grape and wine industry has access to a reliable source of funds through the wine industry funds. This gives it the capacity to innovate, the ability to adopt best industry practice and the resources required to respond positively to the demands of the modern market place.

There are six regional wine industry funds and the South Australian Grape Growers Industry Fund.

Who contributes

Contribution and refund forms.

Depending on the rules of each fund, contributions are made by:

  • wine grape growers
  • winemakers who buy grapes from a grower
  • winemakers who grow their own grapes.

Contributions to the South Australian Grape Growers Industry Fund are made by all South Australian wine grape growers but not winemakers.


Winemakers are responsible for sending contributions to PIRSA for all grapes they process. This includes all of their own grapes and any they process for others. The winemaker is also responsible for making contributions for any intermediaries involved in the sale of the grapes.

Wineries in other states

Winemakers operating out of South Australia must:

  • collect and pay in grape grower contributions
  • contribute themselves, to receive direct benefits or services funded by payments from a fund.

Current Management Plans

The management plan outlines the estimated contributions, investment and purposes of each fund along with guidance on applications to the funds by industry associations.

Benefits from the funds

Payments are made from the funds to the following organisations to provide benefits and services to contributors:

Annual Reports

Annual reports for the wine industry funds.


Peter Willmott
Project Officer, Agriculture, Food and Wine
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