Increasing female representation on boards

South Australian women interested in building valuable leadership skills and using their experience to serve on boards and committees are encouraged to register their details with the Premier’s Women’s Directory.

Established to improve the gender balance on State Government boards and committees in South Australia, the database can be searched by anyone seeking to recruit more women for their board or committee.

Increasing female representation on boards and committees increases the diversity of experience and views brought into consideration and allows women to build valuable leadership skills and put their experience to use.

Women Influencing Agribusiness and Regions profiled woman Mary Retallack, of Retallack Viticulture, has served as a Director on the board of Wine Australia since 2015 and said diversity is the key to driving long-lasting, positive change.

”Utilising the skills and diversity of both men and women is crucial to allowing the wine sector, and agricultural industries on a broader scale, to reach their full potential,” Ms Retallack said.

”Increasing the number of women on boards will provide opportunities for women to contribute more effectively to decision making and business culture, while creating role models for those entering the industry.”

For more information go to the Office for Women website.

Page Last Reviewed: 27 Jul 2018
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