SA’s next generation of female leaders

Fifteen women from a broad range of backgrounds graduated from the Stepping into Leadership program in June – empowering them to take their new leadership skills and apply them to the workplace.

The Stepping into Leadership program, which is run by AG Consulting and sponsored by PIRSA, works to introduce women in agribusiness to the fundamentals of leadership and develop personal and professional skills to support their careers.

One of the latest graduates, cattle and sheep producer Anna Eddy, was able to use the program to learn what leadership meant to her.

”A leader is someone who you recognise the same values and principles in, someone who is a great communicator and someone who encourages and supports the team to reach the end outcome,” she said.

“We learnt how important it is to surround yourself with positive, encouraging people that will help bring out the best in you and the power found in removing these people from your life if they aren’t.

“Recognising your strengths, values, virtues and skills are all things we covered in this program and I think it’s something that unless you do a program like this, you don’t take the time to think about these things.

“Learning about them helps you find direction and purpose in your life, and ultimately lead the happiest life you can.”

In the six years since its inception 82 women have completed the program, going on to fill important leadership roles, including board positions and management roles.

Participants have come from a wide range of regions and represented industries such as grain, livestock, dairy, fisheries, wine and horticulture.

Ms Eddy found the program was able to help her develop a broad range of skills that could be used in a range of ways.

“I’ve found it incredibly useful to write goals down along with the motivators, action steps, any barriers there may be and solutions to these barriers and to review and conclude these goals both in my work and in my personal life,” she said.

“It’s all actually pretty simple stuff but once again, often the time is not taken to spend and focus on it.”

The Stepping into Leadership program included coaching and mentoring, where participants were paired with a mentor and coach.

“We covered many things from goal setting, confidence building, using our voice to speak up, business planning, braking through self-doubt and constraints, and having the challenging conversations in life,” Ms Eddy said.

“I can now see the value of having a mentor or coach in your life whether it be a work, sport or life in general – it’s great to have a mature professional person to thrash these things out with.”

PIRSA will continue to support the program in 2019. For those interested in applying register your interest to participate or view the flyer (PDF 862.9 KB).

Photo courtesy Stock Journal.

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