RDF grants for dairy processing

Recent announcements from the third round of the State Government’s Regional Development Fund (RDF) will see capital investment of $85 million into the state’s dairy industry, creating 94 full time jobs.

A $2 million RDF grant will support Midfield Meat International – a division of the Midfield Group – to locate a new milk processing facility in the South East. The new facility, based at the former Safries site in Penola, will produce a range of products including whole milk powder, skim milk powder and cream.

34 ongoing full time jobs are expected to be created through the project, in addition to 80 jobs during the construction period.

Daniel Aarons, Director of Dairy Operations of Midfield Meat International, said the project would position Midfield as a significant global supplier in the production, development and marketing of selected products and ingredients for the milk powder industry.

“The milk processing facility will diversify the region’s dairy industry, bringing valuable economic benefits to the region,” Mr Aarons said.

“Midfield already has established relationships with many farmers in the Limestone Coast, so expanding our operations in the region is an obvious step for us.”

In the Murray and Mallee, a $2.5 million RDF grant will assist in the creation of a state-of-the-art cheese processing facility at Murray Bridge.

Beston Pure Dairies will expand its company from producing bulk commodity-based cheeses into a premium cheese and dairy producer for domestic and export markets.

The $25 million factory transformation will create more than 60 new jobs in addition to 24 jobs during construction.

Chairman of Beston Global Food Company Dr Roger Sexton said that the objective of the new facility is to produce cheeses that are import replacing, thereby creating a demand for additional milk from dairy farmers in South Australia.

“With support from the Regional Development Fund, we will be able to create a state-of-the-art facility and expand our range of cheeses to include Mozzarella, Gruyere and Parmesan as well as the production of soft cream cheese,” Dr Sexton said.

“Working in conjunction with well-established local and national cheese distributors, we also intend to build an incubation centre as part of the project, whereby newly qualified cheesemakers can experiment with new cheese varieties in a way that meets both our own production requirements as well as the commercial requirements of distributors.”

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