Planning Ahead Week

Planning Ahead Week 2016 will be held from 12-16 September to raise general and community sector awareness across the state of the benefits of early planning and the various legal tools that can be used to support future health, financial, legal and personal wishes.

Planning Ahead is about taking control of your future – and it applies to all adults. It means that your choices will be known and acted on if you cannot express them yourself at some time in the future.

This may happen if you have a sudden accident, become very ill or develop a condition that affects your memory and your planning ability.

Thinking about your future and making your wishes known in advance can help reduce family stress and conflict during times of crisis.

The various tools that can help support you in planning ahead include:

  • Advance Care Directives
  • Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Wills
  • Registration for organ and tissue donation.

Visit for further information and resources, including a short animated video which you can watch and share with your family, friends and colleagues about the importance of Planning Ahead. It talks about what you can do, how, and why we all need to discuss our wishes with our loved ones. Resources include translations into Greek, Italian and Vietnamese.

It is important for all adults to understand the benefits of early planning. Talk to your family now about your future wishes, and act now to protect your future rights, wishes, values and preferences.

Page Last Reviewed: 12 Aug 2016
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