Removing outdated legislation

The State Government is holding a red tape repeal day to remove outdated and redundant legislation in areas of the government’s 10 economic priorities.

The first ‘Simplify Day’ will be held on 15 November 2016, with ideas for changes being put forward by business and the community.

Simplify Day will focus on government rules and processes, compliance, competitiveness and removing duplication.

In 2014, the State Government established the Simpler Regulation Unit to work with business and the community to cut red tape, remove unnecessary burdens and reform regulation to support innovation, new investment and jobs.

It has recently undertaken red tape reviews in areas including planning, liquor licensing, boards and committees, Return to Work SA and taxation.

Premier Jay Weatherill said that Simplify Day is about removing red tape for business, including any laws that are deemed outdated or unnecessary.

“Regulation can be a good thing and support businesses to be innovative and productive – however, sometimes well-meaning laws do not add any value and can create barriers to jobs growth,” Premier Weatherill said.

“We have made significant improvements in reducing red tape in specific areas such as planning, liquor licensing and Return to Work laws – now we are asking business owners and the community to tell us where we can make further improvements.”

A consultation period with business and community is running until Saturday 13 August. More information is available on the YourSAy website.

Page Last Reviewed: 12 Aug 2016
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