Ingham's expansion creating jobs

Ingham's expansion creating jobs850 new jobs will be created in regional South Australia and northern Adelaide as a result of a $275 million investment by leading chicken producer, Ingham's.

The expansion will double the capacity of Ingham’s throughout the production chain including breeding, hatching, processing, feed production and product distribution at 15 sites in South Australia, with a key focus on the Murraylands.

It is expected that 385 direct jobs will be created with the company, 465 jobs with contractor firms as well as up to 700 jobs in the construction phase.

The company's investment is being supported by a $2.8 million commitment from the Regional Development Fund to facilitate Ingham's continued major investment in its South Australian operations, creating local jobs and economic activity in the Murray and Mallee region.

This funding will support two major Ingham's projects to establish a new state-of-the-art feed mill at Murray Bridge and construction of four breeding farms at Yumali.

A $900,000 grant has also been awarded by Investment Attraction South Australia.

Of the expansion, Ingham’s Executive Chairman Mick McMahon said: “The South Australian Government has created an investor-friendly environment and that's one of the reasons why our investment is concentrated in this State.

“Its policies on planning, biosecurity, animal health and animal welfare and the regulations surrounding food production are also very supportive for this major expansion and our ongoing production,” he said.

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Page Last Reviewed: 27 May 2016
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