Regional Development Strategy

The State Government has committed to developing a Regional Development Strategy, recognising the critical role South Australia’s regions play in the prosperity of the state.

The strategy will outline a plan to help grow our regional economic might, support people in their choice to live in our regional communities, and ensure regional South Australia is prosperous.

The first step in this process was the release of a Regional Development Strategy discussion paper which was closed for consultation on 26 July 2019.

The Regional Development Strategy Engagement Report

The Community Advisory Panel has now reviewed the feedback on the Regional Development Strategy discussion paper and prepared an Engagement Report.

The Engagement Report covers:

  • The engagement process
  • Regional attributes
  • Key issues identified from the engagement process
  • Regional success stories
  • A summary of key issues raised at community and stakeholder forums
  • A list of stakeholder presenters
  • A summary of key issues raised in written submissions

View the Engagement Report (PDF 2.1 MB)

View the feedback submissions

It is anticipated that the Regional Development Strategy will be released in 2020.​

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