Industry-led Research Sub-Program (IRSP)


The now closed $5 million Industry-led Research Sub-Program (IRSP) program is an initiative under the $265 million South Australian River Murray Sustainability (SARMS) Program, and is part of the powerful suite of $25 million Regional Economic Development programs, which includes the:

The IRSP is an industry-led applied research grants program designed to improve South Australian River Murray regional productivity and innovation.

Research projects

The program provided funding for research projects that address identified industry research priorities, with a particular focus on gaps in research not presently funded by the Commonwealth, State and private investment.

Research project priorities include:

  • market research for new opportunities for primary production in the region
  • new food opportunities for the region
  • mechanisms to utilise waste products to create new food or products or other production enhancements that could be implemented in the region
  • improved processing systems to those currently located in the region
  • adaptation of established businesses within the Region to better manage regional risk factors
  • optimisation of regional business systems to reduce input costs and increase production output
  • diversification into new industries, markets, products and/or business models that could be adopted in the region
  • innovation of new technology to benefit regional agricultural production, water management and/or business management.

View the current list of funded projects (PDF 350.7 KB).

IRSP timeline

  • Round 1 was open from 27 June to 25 July 2014.
  • Round 2 was open from 20 April to 29 May 2015.
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