Plant quarantine

The South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) Plant Quarantine unit is the 'hub' of quarantine-related activity at the Waite Campus in South Australia. We provide plant quarantine services to industry and the research community.

Our unit supports the Waite Campus co-located partner organisations:

  • The University of Adelaide
  • CSIRO.

Quarantine management

We aim to ensure quarantine activities are conducted in accordance with relevant commonwealth and state legislation. We do this by fostering quarantine awareness and overseeing quarantine-related activities, including:

  • liaising with the Australian Government Department of Agriculture
  • coordinating the registration and auditing of more than 30 quarantine approved premises at the Waite Campus
  • providing guidance to researchers via regular meetings and personal and electronic communication.

Our Post Entry Plant Quarantine (PEPQ) processes are governed by a compliance agreement with the Department of Agriculture. The agreement stipulates exactly how to conduct these processes, and the responsibility of all parties.


Our PEPQ facilities and services are for high-risk seed lines and low to medium-risk nursery stock, and are available to industry and private importers nationwide.

The Quarantine Unit operates out of state-of-the-art facilities located at SARDI's Plant Research Centre.

Facilities include dedicated quarantine greenhouses and controlled environment temperature rooms (200m2 space). For the greenhouses alone, this equates to an approximate 1200 (200-250 mm) pot capacity. Additional facilities include:

  • quarantine dedicated growth-rooms
  • tissue-culture and general laboratories
  • seed treatment and threshing facilities.


Our quarantine services include:

  • PEPQ of low and medium risk nursery stock and seeds of horticultural ornamentals, pulses, cereals and some grasses.
  • Additional functions, such as access for research or horticultural (eg. crossing and pollination) purposes may be permitted, on a case-by-case basis:
    • under supervision
    • or  conducted by our staff.
  • Post-Entry Plant Quarantine (PEPQ) of plants for propagation and multiplication for research or release, laboratory use of plant tissues, biological cultures, soils and nucleic acids.
  • Mandatory pathogen screening for significant quarantine pests and diseases.
  • Cleaning seed consignments that have failed Department of Agriculture inspection due to soil or prohibited seed contamination (note: certain contaminants may preclude this service).
  • Seed treatment required by Department of Agriculture with import release.

External linkage

We work closely with importers across Australia and provide sub-samples of imported seed to national germplasm collections such as:

Program contact

For details of the services we offer or to discuss your quarantine requirements, please contact:

Dr Pauline Glocke
Phone: (08) 8429 2289

General enquiries

Phone: (08) 8429 2289 or (08) 8429 2267.

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