Citrus Packer newsletter

The Citrus Packer newsletter provides technical information to citrus packers, distributors and researchers in Australia.

We also distribute the newsletter to 20 different countries.


Archive Access

The full back catalogue of the ‘Packingshed Newsletter’ (Vol 1 - Vol 52) and ‘Packer Newsletter’ (Vol 53 - Vol 114) are available from the University Adelaide Library (Waite Campus) and from the State Library of South Australia.

About the editor

Dr Taverner is a specialist in the citrus postharvest research field, particularly in:

  • decay control
  • sanitation
  • market access (quarantine pests) issues.

Industry regularly seeks Dr Taverner’s expert opinion, including auditing supply chains after a market failure.

Other citrus publications

The University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Science publish Packinghouse Newsletter.


Dr Peter Taverner
SARDI, GPO Box 397 Adelaide 5001
Phone: (08) 8303 9538
Fax: (08) 83039542

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