Sensory & consumer testing

The South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) conducts sensory and consumer testing.


  • Difference testing to check if there is a perceivable difference between products if there is a change in:
    • supplier
    • ingredient
    • process
    • packaging.
  • Flavour profiling that uses a trained panel to assess the aroma and flavour profile of your product.
  • Consumer acceptance/preference - testing explores consumer preferences and attitudes towards your product.
  • Benchmarking - have your product evaluated against your competitors' products.
  • Focus groups.
  • Development and administration of online consumer surveys.
  • Workshops and tailored training.


Our Sensory Facility, located at Urrbrae, has:

  • 10 independent tasting booths with controlled temperature and lighting
  • computerised data collection system
  • kitchen and meeting rooms.

Recent projects

  • Consumer acceptance testing of pork products using 1200 consumers.
  • Consumer preference testing of 58 potato varieties using 2100 consumers.
  • Benchmarking of carbonated beverage brands.
  • Consumer acceptability of a no-sugar snack.
  • Consumer acceptability of different seafood sauce thickness.
  • Flavour profiling of pork meat to assess the effect of different processing conditions on sensory properties.


Dr Yaelle Saltman
Phone: 0432 577 851

Page Last Reviewed: 28 Nov 2018
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