Applying for a role

Your application must include:

  • a cover letter outlining your relevant skills and experience
  • your responses to the capabilities (as requested in the advertisement)
  • your CV (include contact details for 3 current referees)
  • a completed and signed Pre-Employment Declaration Form (DOC 143.5 KB).

Capabilities in the role description

  • Address each capability (unless stated otherwise in the advertisement).
  • Give evidence showing you have the skills and experience for the role.
  • Give examples of times you have demonstrated that capability.

The CARE Model

The CARE model can assist you structure your:

  • responses to the capabilities
  • prepare for an interview.

It allows you to  present a clear structured response:

  • Context - the situation.
  • Actions - what you did.
  • Results - what was achieved.
  • Evaluation – what you learned.

When presenting your responses remember to talk about your experiences and achievements, use the word ‘I’ when identifying responsibility and outcomes, if you were part of a team explain your role in the team.

Tips for writing your application

  • Research the role and department.
  • If written communication skills are a capability, the selection panel will treat your application as an example of this skill.
  • Check your application for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Ask someone else to proof-read your application. Do they think you’ve addressed each capability well?
  • Contact the enquiries officer listed in the advertisement if you have questions about the role.
  • Follow the advertisement directions in relation to length of the application

After you submit your application

  1. We will send you a letter of acknowledgment.
  2. The selection panel will assess applications and short-list applicants.
  3. The panel will invite short-listed applicants to an interview.
  4. The panel will give their recommendation to the executive director for approval.
  5. We will notify all applicants of the outcome.

We can give you feedback about your application. If you would like to receive feedback please contact the panel chairperson.

About your application

  • All applications are confidential.
  • Time taken for the selection process can vary and may take up to 6 weeks.
  • Any contact made with your referees is confidential.
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