Crop Protection

Diseases and outbreaks

Fruit fly. Link to SARDI website, please note the links below will open in a new window.
The history of fruit fly in Australia:
Fruit Fly history part 1 (.PDF External site)
Fruit Fly history part 2 (.PDF External site)
Fruit Fly history part 3 (.PDF External site)

The Department of Agriculture undertook various research programs and surveys to determine the most appropriate forms of protecting or treating crops from diseases and pests. This document is an example of the reports of survey work that were published in the Department's Journal of Agriculture.
A survey of insecticide use on fruit trees and grapevines in the Riverland of South Australia

Locusts and grasshoppers

J.D. McAuliffe's 'The Australian plaque Locust Control Campaign of 1955' – Agronomy Branch Report No. 84 (PDF 1.8 mb)

South Australia. Plague Locust Review Committee, ‘The plague locust control campaign – South Australia - 1976-77; Recommendations for the future control of the plague locust in South Australia’ – Agronomy Branch report No. 83 (PDF 926.8 kb)

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