Struan Agricultural Centre

Working for the benefit of rural industries to further the economic development of South Australia

Struan Agricultural Centre is owned and maintained by the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) for the purpose of conducting research for the benefit of the rural industries.

The Agricultural Centre is situated approximately 370 kms south east of Adelaide and 15 kms south of Naracoorte (37 10's; 140 48'E). The staff at Struan also oversee the activities at nearby Kybybolite Research Centre which is situated north east of Naracoorte and where there are 307 hectares suitable for cropping, pasture and sheep grazing trials.

Struan lies on the edge of limestone ridges and comprises 250 hectares of sandy high country and 832 hectares of flood plains (rendzina and podsolised soils overlying limestone). Good supplies of underground water are available at shallow depths (3-4 metres) and approximately 140 hectares are irrigated.

The rainfall average of 556mm occurs mostly from April to October, and droughts are rare. The climate generally is one of hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters.

Land at Struan and Kybybolite Agricultural Centres is supplemented by sharefarms at Wandilo near Mount Gambier for grazing cattle, and at Bool Lagoon which provides a well drained and reliable cropping site. Some producers allow trial work to be conducted on their properties and other land is leased as needed.

The facilities at Struan and Kybybolite are used for research on pastures, crop agronomy, cattle and sheep genetics, grazing management and meat production and quality. Staff at Struan also conducts pasture and crop agronomy trials throughout the South East and Murray Mallee.

Struan has undertaken extensive re-vegetation programs and Greening Australia supports projects on the property.

Struan and Kybybolite are ideal sites to choose to run research programs in livestock, crop agronomy, pastures and revegetation. The soils and facilities suit a wide range of enterprises and Struan is staffed with experienced operators.

A feedlot to cater for up to 200 cattle has been built where research into nutrition and feeding regimes can be undertaken. Two centre pivots provide irrigation capacity where pasture, parasite and other livestock trials can be studied. A TechnoGrazing™ system has been established under irrigation and dry land conditions to increase pasture utilization.

Struan has contracts with the University of Adelaide, veterinary organisations, livestock groups and seed companies and these collaborations have worked well for all concerned. Joint projects are also conducted with interstate agricultural research organisations.

Our facilities can be utilised for many projects. Please contact:
John Cooper, Struan & Kybybolite Research Centres Farm Manager on (08) 8762 9190 or email
Or contact the local research officers for Meat and Wool, Pastures and Field Crops.

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