State legislations for the era 1882–1904

1882    Vermin Destruction Act

1884    Vermin Destruction Act Amendment Act

1885    Vermin Act Repeal Act

1885    Vine, Fruit and Vegetable Protection Act

1887    Thistle and Bur Act

1888    Stock Diseases Act

1889    Crown Lands Amendment Act – Part III (Second Reading: html doc or pdf)

1889    Sparrow Destruction Act

1889    Vermin Funds Distribution Act

1889    Wild Dog and Fox Destruction Act

1890    Vermin Proof Fencing Act

1891    Agricultural Holdings Act (Second Readings: html doc or pdf)

1891    Noxious Weeds Destruction Act

1892    Fences Act

1893    Butter Bonus Act

1894    Foul Brood in Bees Act

1894    Vermin Districts Act

1899    Phylloxera Act

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