Brands Act Amendment Bill 1957

1091  [OCTOBER 16, 1957.] Brands Bill,

Second reading.

The Hon. C. D. ROWE (Attorney-General)— I move—-

That this Bill ~be now read a second time. Section 54 of the Brands Act provides for the keeping of registers of the various kinds of brands and marks to which the Act relates. Section 55 provides that the Registrar o/ Brands, at the end of every quarter, must publish in the Government Gazette a statement setting out the brands and marks which have been registered, transferred or cancelled during the quarter. In addition, the section provides for the publication at intervals of two years of brands directories containing particulars of all registered brands. It has, in practice, been found impracticable to publish these brands directories. The Government Printer, for several years past, has been unable to divert sufficient men to the work and the cost of keeping up the directories would be over £5,000 per annum. Furthermore, a directory become* out of date very quickly and needs to be supplemented by the statement of changes in brands, etc., published in the Gazette every quarter.

It is considered, therefore, that the provisions of the Act requiring the compilation of the brands directory should be repealed and this is accordingly provided for by the ‘ However, it is realized that the public should be able to obtain without delay information ??  to registered brands and the Bill provides for ??? information is required as to any brand “whether ?? request is made by letter, telephone or otherwise, the information is to be supplied by the Registrar. In addition, the Bill contains -??entiary provisions under which the certification ?? of the Registrar as to whether a brand is or is not registered and as to extracts from any the registers, is to be prima facie evidence the fact stated in the certificate.

Hon. F. J. CONDON secured the adjournment of the debate.

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