Branding of Pigs Bill 1964

OCTOBER 8 1964   Branding of Pigs Bill   1349

Second reading

The Hon. Sir LYELL McEWIN (Chief Secretary): I move:

That this Bill be now read a, second time.

Its purpose is to render compulsory the branding of pigs. It is introduced following a request of the South Australian Branch of the Australian Pig Association. The reason for the compulsory branding of pigs is that the Agriculture Department officers will be able to trace pigs suffering from disease by inspection of their carcasses. The brand will indicate the area from which the pig has come. It is considered that in this way the incidence of disease will be materially reduced.

Clause 1 contains the short title, and clause definitions of terms used in the Bill. The principal provision of the Bill is clause 5 (1) which provides that on and after a day to be fixed by proclamation a person must not sell or offer for sale any pig unless it is branded, in accordance with the regulations, with the owner's registered brand. Under clause 5 (2), however, no branding is required if the pig was bought from and delivered by the previous owner within the preceding seven days, and at the time of delivery was duly branded. Sub- clause (3) of this clause provides that an owner of three pigs or less may, upon obtaining a permit from the Chief Inspector of Stock, sell or offer for sale a pig that is not branded.

Clause 6 provides for the allotment and registration of pig brands, and under clause 3 the Registrar of Brands is constituted Registrar for the purposes of this Bill. Under clause 4 he is required to keep, and make entries in, a register in accordance with the regulations. Clause 7 provides for the transfer of registered brands by the proprietor thereof, and clause 8 enables the personal representatives of a deceased proprietor to use his brand. Clauses 9 (1) and 9 (2) provide for the cancellation of a registered brand upon notice by the proprietor or at the instance of the Registrar himself. Subclause (3) makes appropriate provision for the winding-up of companies which are the proprietors of brands. Clause 10 provides for registration to be restored.

Clause 11 (1) confers on the Registrar, his deputy, inspectors of stock and members of the Police Force certain powers of entry and inspection. Clause 11 (2) makes provision for penalties. Clause 12 contains the necessary regulation-making power and clause 13 is a procedural provision. I commend the Bill to honourable members.

The Hon. A. P. KNEEBONE secured the adjournment of the debate.

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