Soil conservation reports

Over the period 1966 to 1982, some of work of the Soil Conservation Branch (later the Soil and Water Conservation Branch) was published in Branch Reports and in soil survey or land description reports. The titles of the reports provide an insight into the key issues of the time - erosion control, research and extension programs, soil nutrients and fertilisers, salinity, irrigation, soil description and others, and also include overseas study undertaken by officers. After 1982 the Branch reports were replaced by the Department wide Technical Report series. Most of the reports are held in the University of Adelaide libraries at the Waite and Roseworthy.

Volume/ SeriesNumberContentsYearAuthor(s)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS0/66The badly drifting farm report of the Murray Mallee District Soil Conservation Board, 1948–19521966 A.R. Birch, chairman, J.P. Blencowe, secretary & technical adviser
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS1/66Contour Banking in South Australia1966Officers of the Soil Conservation Branch
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS1/67A report on the prospects for irrigated agricultural crops in the River Murray Area1967K.G. Boyce, P. Judd, J.S. Potter
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS2/67Contour planting of vineyards in South Australia1967compiled by Officers of the Soil Conservation Branch at a conference at Nuriootpa on June 14th, 1966
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS3/67Soil Branch field research programme - 19671967R.J. French (ed)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS1/68Soil schools, November 19671968J.S. Potter (ed)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS2/68Extension Report - 19671968J.S. Potter (ed)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS3/68Recent developments in agricultural extension : papers presented to the Soil Conservation Branch conference, 1st–5th April, 19681968J.S. Potter (ed)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS4/68Extension Programmes – 19681968J.S. Potter (ed)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS5/68Soils Branch field research programme 19681968J.S. Potter (ed)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS1/69Soil Conservation Branch District Reports – 19681969J.S. Potter (ed)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS10/69Soil classification – a review1969 D.J. Chittleborough
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS2/69Soil Conservation Branch District Reports – 19691969J.S. Potter (ed)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS4/69The maintenance of productivity under permanent pasture1969 A.L. Clarke
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS5/691969 Soils Branch Department of Agriculture, S.A. field research programme1969J.S. Potter 
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS6/69Extension soil analysis and land description in USA, Canada, Eire, Enhland, Italy and the Netherlands1969J.S. Potter 
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS1/70A situation analysis of 14 dairy farmers in the Hope Forest district, South Australia1970 J.P. Blencowe
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS2/70Liming – a review1970 K.L. Glancey 
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS3/70Soil structure – a review1970 I.T. Grierson 
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS4/70District Programmes – 19701970J.S. Potter (ed)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS5/70District Reports – 19701970J.S. Potter (ed)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS6/70Field Research Programmes – 19701970R.J. French (ed)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS1/71Fertilisers in the agricultural areas of South Australia1971R.J. French, J.S. Potter and J.A. Beare
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS2/71Across the Mulga1971A.L. Brown and J.S. Potter
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS3/71Field Research Programmes – 19711971R.J. French (ed)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS4/71District Programmes – 19711971J.P. Blencoe (ed)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS5/71Re-vegetation by 'pitting'1971Officers of the Soil Conservation Branch
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS1/72Laura Hills community survey, 1970–19711972 G.J. Young
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS2/72The Cockabidnie Rural Group1972 G.R. McPhie
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS3/72An investigation of the farm water resources of the Cockabidnie Rural Group1972 G.R. MacPhie
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS4/72The mobile hose level1972 J.R. Cawthorne, H.E. Blesing
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS5/72The requirements for a new lucerne cubing enterprise1972 D.W. Armstrong
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS6/72Field Research Programmes – 19721972R.J. French (ed)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS7/72Bolivar Effluent Irrigation Project – first report1972W.E. Matheson
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS0/73The Puebla project, Mexico1973 translated from the publication Proyecto Puebla by B.C. Jefferies; prepared for publication by J.S. Potter
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS1/73An assessment of the soil and water conservation needs in the Adelaide Hills, June, 1973: a report1973 R.E.R. Hartley
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS2/73Soil erosion and farming methods survey of the Wanbi land unit in the Murray Mallee of South Australia1973 A. K. McCord
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS3/73Water supplies of Eyre Peninsula1973 Garry R. MacPhie
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS4/73Trickle Irrigation – an observation of this method of irrigation in WA1973P.J. Cole
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS5/73Trickle irrigation – progress report on demonstration trial at Golden Heights, January, 19731973 P.J. Cole
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS6/73Observations on citrus leaf drop. Waikerie, South Australia 1966–19691973 M.R. Till, S.Z. Hyder
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS7/73Fertilisers available in South Australia : analysis, nutrient cost1973 F.W. Armstrong
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS8/73Soil structure and modern farming: report of an overseas trip 1972–731973 I.T. Grierson
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS9/73Agricultural extension in Victoria - a glimpse at regional organisation and extension methods : the report of a study tour1973 J.S. Potter and M.T. Seeliger
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS10/73Notes on water resources of south western Western Australia : report of visit to Western Australia 6th–10th August, 19731973 M.R. Till
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS12/73Contour banking in South Australia 1973compiled by officers of the Soils Conservation Branch at a conference held at Jamestown on October 19th & 20th, 1966; Rev. 1973 W. E Matheson, G. J Young, J.A. Edwards, D.E. Elliott
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS13/73Soil conservation study tour of New Zealand: report1973 J.P. Blencowe
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS14/73Reclaiming saline areas in western Victoria : report of a visit to western Victoria on 13th & 14th November, 19731973 Garry R. MacPhie
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS15/73Agricultural implications of salinity in River Murray waters: effects of irrigation practices1973 M.R. Till
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS16/73Selected source material on the hydrology of the Mid North area of South Australia1973 M.R. Till
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS17/73Irrigation with underground water in the Northern Adelaide Plains1973D.W. Armstrong
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS19/73Re-use of drainage water as a means of disposal1973 M.R. Till
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS1/74Environmental impact study – Lake Victoria salinity control works: forming part of environment impact statement for Lake Victoria Salinity Control Scheme1974 F. van der Sommen, P. J. Cole
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS2/74Design and operation of drip irrigation systems for South Australian conditions1974 P.J. Cole and D.W. Armstrong
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS3/74Environmental Impact Study – forming part of Environmental Impact Statement for evaporation basins (1) Monash Evaporation Basin (2) Noora Evaporation Basin1974P.J. Cole, F. van der Sommen
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS4/74Rangeland condition assessment: an appraisal of some techniques and their application in pastoral areas of South Australia1974 Brendan G. Lay and Bruce F. Evans
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS5/74Report on investigations into poor growth of Hunter River lucerne in the Marrabel Area1974C.L. Rudd
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS6/74Iron deficiency in peas: report of trials in the South East during 1969–19711974M.T. Seeliger, D.E. Moss, R.R. Badman and P.K.F. Bartetzko
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS7/74A portable rainfall simulator1974 I. Grierson 
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS8/74Environmental impact study – Katarapko Island evaporation basin1974P.J. Cole, F. van der Sommen,K.G. Smith
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS9/74Target salinity for River Murray Water – review and recommendations1974M.R. Till, K.G. Wetherby, J.B. Robinson, W.B. Harris, K.A. Watson
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS10/74Bolivar effluent irrigation project: third progress report November 1973 to June 19741974 W.E. Matheson and B.L. Lobban
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS11/74South Australian experiences and studies in effluent re-use for irrigation: paper presented to the Sixth Federal Convention of the Australian Water and Waste Water Association, Melbourne, May, 19741974 P.G. Cooper, L. Goss and W.E. Matheson
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS12/74Water repellence – an assessment of past discovery & future research requirements1974 P.M. King
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS13/742nd International Drip Irrigation Congress, San Diego, California, U.S.A., July 7–14,1974: contributions from South Australia1974A.L. Read and M.F. Pietsch (Kinnaird, Hill, de Rohan and Young) and W.E Matheson
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS14/74Changing land use increases nitrate-nitrogen & phosphate concentrations in farm dams1974 S.D. Moore
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS15/74Report on trace element experiments on the ironstone soils of Kangaroo Island from 1972–19741974D.J. Reuter, R.J. Hannam, G.J. Judson, M.E. Dobson and J.L. Riggs
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS16/74Water harvesting and runoff inducement in Western Australia and South Australia1974 by S. D. Moore, J. R. Cawthorne
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS17/74The effect of soil and climatic factors on the development and yield of crops and pastures1974 R.J. French and J.E. Schultz
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS18/74Quality and quantity requirements in ground water used for irrigation in South Australia: paper presented to the Annual Convention, National Water Well Association of Australia1974 M.R. Till
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS19/74Fertilisers available in South Australia: analysis, nutrient cost1974F.W. Armstrong
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS20/74The fate of 'sprayseed' in the soil1974 I.T. Grierson
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS21/74Report on a survey of salinity problems in war service holdings on Kangaroo Island, 1966–19741974 by J.P. Blencowe
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS22/74A survey of farm resources & stock carrying capacity at Keyneton, South Australia1974 F.W. Armstrong, C.L. Rudd
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS23/74Some aspects of water resource management in the Western United States, with special reference to effluent utilisation, drip irrigation, groundwater pollution, water quality: report of a study tour1974 W.E. Matheson 
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS24/74The Annual Report of the Advisory Committee on Soil Conservation 1973–741974P.M. Barrow (Chairman)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS25/74Report on coastal dune erosion in the Yorke Coast Protection District1974 C.L. Rudd
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS26/74Alleviation of water repellence in sandy soils of U.S.A: report on visits to overseas research institutions, 19741974 P.M. King
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS1/75The retention of phosphate fertilisers in a leached soil and their nutritive value to pasture1975 A.L. Clarke 
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS2/75Phosphorus, sulphur and potassium nutrition of pastures growing on siliceous sands in Southern Australia1975 D.C. Lewis, A.L. Clarke, A.P. Meissner
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS3/75The Murdinga fertiliser experiments (1971–1974)1975 R.Mc R. Wood
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS4/75Twenty five years with the Murray Plains Soil Conservation Board1975M.T. Seeliger and F.W. Armstrong
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS5/75The use of nitrogen fertilizers on field crops and pastures in South Australia1975 A.L. Clarke and D.E. Elliott
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS6/75Research on fertilizer and cultural practices, particularly in grazing systems, and aspects of research planning and administration in Britain, the Netherlands, Ireland and U.S.A: a study tour, 19741975 A.L. Clarke
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS7/75Irrigation in the Bremer Valley and Milang Basin of South Australia1975 G.J. Schultz
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS8/75A survey of small blockholders in the Mount Lofty Ranges: their aims and achievements1975 S.D. Moore, R.E.R. Hartley
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS9/75Notes on group conservation schemes operated by the Soil Conservation Authority of Victoria : report on visit to Ouyen, Charlton and Ararat districts on 2nd–6th June, 19751975 Garry R. MacPhie
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS10/75Fertilisers available in South Australia: analysis, nutrient cost1975F.W. Armstrong
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS11/75A review on the effects of gypsum on the soil1975 I.T. Grierson
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS12/75In-service course in surveying1975 S.D. Moore
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS13/75Trace element experiments on the iron-stone soils of the Southern Adelaide Hills from 1972–741975D.J.Reuter, R. Hannam
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS14/75Implications of the knowledge of the functions served by different attitudes to agricultural extension1975 M.T. Seeliger
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS15/75Weather recording stations in the south-east region of South Australia1975 D.W. Armstrong
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS16/75Foreshore management and conservation : a report on the third Coastal Foreshore Course, Melbourne, 19751975 M.T. Seeliger
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS16/75Citrus and Avacado irrigation workshop Nov 13–14, 1975 held at Division of Horticultural Research, CSIRO, Merbein, Vic1975M.R. Till
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS18/75North Adelaide Plain investigations: soil hydraulic conductivity1975 P.J. Cole
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS19/75A survey on soil testing1975 M.T. Seeliger and R.R. Badman
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS1/76Overseas research relating to potential yield of crops and pastures and aspects of research management: a study tour 19751976 R.J. French
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS2/76Measurement of saturated hydraulic conductivity on SAMCOR property at Pooraka1976 M.R. Till
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS3/76The use of copper fertilizer for pasture production on a coastal alkaline peat in South Australia1976 R.J. Hannam and P.L. Marrett
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS4/76Environmental impact study – Dishers Creek evaporation basin1976 P.J. Cole, F. van der Sommen
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS5/76Liquiphos fertilizer experiments conducted during 1975 for the Upper Eyre Peninsula Soil Conservation Board1976 W.J. Davies
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS6/76Southern Mallee lamb growth1976W. Hack, J. Hannay, T. Dillon, D. Yeo, R. Hannam, D. Reuter and D. Kruger
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS7/76Proceedings of the Soil Branch Conference South-East Region, February 23–26, 19761976
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS8/76A survey of eroded farms in the Murray Mallee, 19751976 R.McR. Wood
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS9/76Salinity problems in the Arthurton-Weetulta district: a report on a postal survey method of assessing salinity problems1976 W.E. Matheson
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS10/76Published soil surveys in South Australia to 30/12/751976 revised by W.E. Matheson
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS11/76Soil information systems: a report of the Workshop on Information Systems for Soils and Related Data, Canberra 2–4 March, 19761976 K.G. Wetherby and D.W. Armstrong
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS12/76Superphosphate needs for pastures at Mundalla1976 M.T. Seeliger
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS13/76The Golden Heights drip irrigation trial, 1970–19751976 P.J. Cole and K.E. Morley
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS14/76Fertilisers in South Australia: analysis – nutrient cost1976 F.W. Armstrong
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS15/76An analysis of communication patterns and identification of opinion leaders in a farming locality1976 M.T. Seelinger
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS16/76Irrigation water applications – Golden Heights private irrigation area, Waikerie, South Australia (1)1976 M.R. Till, P.J. Cole
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS17/76Irrigation water applications – Golden Heights private irrigation area, Waikerie, South Australia (2)1976 M.R. Till, P.J. Cole
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS18/76Irrigation water applications – Golden Heights private irrigation area, Waikerie, South Australia (3)1976 M.R. Till, P.J. Cole
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS19/76The alternatives to daytime overhead irrigation for citrus and stonefruit in the Riverland, 1976 (1)1976 A.A. Margarey
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS20/76The alternatives to daytime overhead irrigation for citrus and stonefruit in the Riverland, 1976 (2)1976 A.A. Margarey
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS21/76Seminar on Drip Irrigation, March 30, 19761976 M.R. Till (ed)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS22/76Trace element research in the South-East Region of South Australia: progress report, 1974–751976 compiled by R.J. Hannam
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS23/76Soil fumigation, nitrogen and manganese, tillage methods and rotations – results from 1975 and programme for 1976 – second report1976P.M. King
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS24/76The nature of fertilizer and stocking rate decisions in a pasture-sheep system: an extension exercise1976 J.S. Potter
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS25/76The Hermitage Creek group conservation project1976 C.L. Rudd, F.W. Armstrong and C.W. Cawthorne
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS27/76The annual report of the Soil Conservation Branch 1975–761976 compiled by W.E. Matheson
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS28/76Automation of flood irrigation1976 D.W. Armstrong
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS29/76Overseas research and development in cereal agronomy, particularly agricultural climatology and soil tillage: a study tour1976 J.E. Schultz
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS30/76Rangelands of the U.S.A., South America and the Middle East: a study tour: final report prepared for the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust1976 Brendan G. Lay
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS31/76Soil salinity in the Lochaber district1976 M.T. Seelinger
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS32/76The evaluation of mineral fertilizers in the south east of South Australia, 1971–731976 M.T. Seeliger
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS1/77Northfield Soils Laboratory: review of operations, 19761977 D.J. Reuter, D.L. Heanes and J.M. Jacka
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS2/77The New South Wales Soil Conservation Service and initial training school: a report of the study tour -September 6th-18th, 19761977A.K. McCord and W.J. Davies
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS3/77Soils, grapes and quality – is there a relationship?1977 D.W. Armstrong, K.G. Wetherby
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS4/77Correlation of quaternary geological formations and land description units (land systems)1977 K.G. Wetherby
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS5/77Laboratory methods of soil and plant analysis 2nd edition1977 D. Heanes (ed)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS6/77Proceedings of Australian Trickle Irrigation Workshop, Gosford, N.S.W., March 28–April 1 19771977 M.R. Till (ed)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS7/77Inventory of research and investigations into drip, trickle and micro sprinkler irrigation in Australia1977 A.A. Magarey (ed)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS8/77The relationship between rainfall and yield of grapes in the Barossa Valley, South Australia1977 M.R. Till
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS9/77Hydro-meteorological data for the S.E. region of South Australia and the S.W. region of Victoria1977 compiled by G. Schrale
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS10/77Water consumption by the gardens of metropolitan Adelaide1977 S.D. Moore
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS11/77The use of Talsma's hydraulic conductivity equipment to test a leaking earth tank1977 S.D. Moore.
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS12/77Coast erosion programme: South East, 19761977 M.T. Seeliger, D.L. Zimmerman
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS13/77Soil testing with farmer groups assessing superphosphate needs1977B.S.J. Handscombe, D.C. Lewis, D.H. Lewis, P.L. Marrett and M.T. Seeliger
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS14/77Report of the Committee on the Economics of Improved Irrigation Practices in the Riverland of South Australia1977P.J. Cole
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS15/77The Tarlee rotation trial: effect of rotations and stubble handling methods on soil fertility and crop yields: first progress report (project identification code B1 S20)1977J.E. Schultz and C.L. Rudd
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS16/77Soil infiltration and flood irrigation design in the South East of South Australia1977 S.D. Moore
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS17/77Laboratory and costing data for soil and plant analyses: Soils Laboratory Northfield (as at 1/8/1977)1977 D.L. Heanes and J.M. Jacka
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS18/77Monarto Irrigation Experiment Station: first annual report 1976/77, planning and establishment1977 B. Dubois
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS19/77A report on a land use survey of parts of Counties Chandos and Buckingham1977 K. Woodroffe
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS20/77Coonalpyn Study Group on water repellant sands – third report1977P.M. King
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS21/77Fertilisers in South Australia: analysis – nutrient cost1977F.W. Armstrong
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS22/77A survey of effluent treatment and disposal from intensive piggeries in South Australia1977 A.A. Magarey
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS23/77Annual report on projects and related activities 1976/19771977 South Australian Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Soil Conservation Branch
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS24/77Annual report of the Soil Conservation Branch 1977W.E. Matheson
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS25/77Salinity research in Western Australia: report of a study tour, April 18–22 19771977 W.E. Matheson and D.J. Maschmedt
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS26/77Basic manual for management of small properties and rural retreats1977 S.D. Moore
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS1/78Nutrient levels in soils of the Mallala – Balaklava area1978 C.L. Rudd
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS3/78 How advisers spend their time and their opinion of some extension media1978 John S. Potter
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS4/78Victorian Mallee study tour, 17th–20th April, 19781978 A.K. McCord and R. McR. Wood
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS5/78The suitability of soils in the Mundulla district for irrigated market gardening1978 D.J. Maschmedt and W.E. Matheson
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS6/78The Kondinin farm improvement group and some aspects of soil management in Western Australia: report of a study tour, May 19781978 P.M. King
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS7/78Preliminary soil and landform investigations, District Council of Onkaparinga1978 D.J. Maschmedt
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS8/78Autoanalyzer II training course, and laboratory study of the Chemistry Branch, Biological and Chemical Research Institute, N.S.W. Department of Agriculture, Rydalmere, July 3–7, 19781978 D.L. Heanes
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS9/78Fertilisers in South Australia: analysis - nutrient cost1978F.W. Armstrong
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS10/78The Pisant Creek group conservation scheme1978 G.J. Young, P.A. Pearce, N.F. Phillips, C.E. Flower, R.M. Baker
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS12/78The Tarlee rotation trial: effect of rotations and stubble handling methods on soil fertility and crop yields, second progress report (project identification code B1/S20)1978 J.E. Schultz
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS13/78Coonalpyn Study Group 4th annual report1978P.M. King
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS14/78Tillage Practices1978R.G. Fawcett
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS15/78Report of a study tour to Western Australia, May 29–June 2, 19781978 R.J. Hannam
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS16/78Investigations on copper and cobalt deficiency in young merino sheep in the southern Mallee : final report1978R. Hannam, J. Hannay, T. Yeatman and D. Kruger
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS17/78Vineyards of the Barossa1978R.J. French, F.W. Armstrong, D. Hodge, C.L. Rudd, M.R. Till, S.D. Moore and R.M. Cirami
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS18/78A method for determining supplementary irrigation requirements for vines1978 S.D. Moore
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS1/79Trends in soil salinity and nutrient levels at a large intensive piggery1979 C.L. Rudd and A.A. Margarey
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS2/79Determining criteria for land treatment of wastewater from a cheese factory near Mount Gambier, South Australia1979 G. Schrale, A.A. Magarey
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS3/79Impact of River Murray salinity on citrus yields in South Australia (conclusions from a study trip)1979 I. Hausenberg
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS4/79Land use and farming systems in the United States, Canada, Britain and West Germany : report of a study tour 2/5/79 to 9/6/791979 C.L. Rudd
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS5/79Evaluation of alternatives to overhead sprinklers for citrus irrigation1979 P.J. Cole and M.R. Till
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS6/79Fertilisers in South Australia: analysis – nutrient cost1979F.W. Armstrong
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS7/79Shoreline erosion on Lakes Alexandrina and Albert in South Australia1979 A.K. McCord
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS8/79The Tarlee rotation trial: effect of rotations and stubble handling methods on soil fertility and crop yields: third progress report (project identification code B1/S20)1979 J.E. Schultz
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS9/79Contour planting of vineyards in South Australia : in-service handbook1979 C.L. Rudd
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS10/79An assessment of soil suitability for waste disposal in the South East1979 R.E.R. Hartley, D.J. Maschmedt
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS11/79Response of pasture and sheep to trace elements in the South East of South Australia1979 compiled by R.J. Hannam
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS12/79A method for the estimation of floods in the agricultural regions of South Australia1979 S.D. Moore
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS17/79A description of vineyard resources of the Barossa region of South Australia1979prepared by Reg French ... [et al.] revised by Chris Rudd, Richard Cirami and Michael McCarthy 
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS1/80Application of LANDSAT to mapping grassland condition in the South East Region of South Australia1980 K.R. McCloy
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS2/80Highlight of the 5th Analytical Chemistry Symposium of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, Perth, Western Australia, August 20–24, 19791980 D.L. Heanes
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS3/80Non-irrigated salinity on Kangaroo Island, South Australia1980 R.E.R. Hartley
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS4/80Irrigation in the Upper South-East of South Australia1980 Andrew J. Solomon
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS5/80First soil salinity survey (1976): Monarto Irrigation Experiment Station1980 B. Dubois, B.L. Lobban
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS6/80Assessment of amenity treeplantings on the Monarto Irrigation Experiment Station1980 Brendan G. Lay
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS7/80Performance assessment of tree-plantings at the Monarto Irrigation Experiment Station1980B.G. Lay
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS8/80Soil surveys in South Australia to 30.6.801980 compiled by W.E. Matheson
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS9/80Fertilizers available in South Australia: analysis – nutrient cost1980 F.W. Armstrong
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS10/80The Tarlee rotation trial: effect of rotations and stubble handling methods on soil fertility and crop yields: fourth progress report1980 J.E. Schultz
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS11/80The Annual Report of the Advisory Committee on Soil Conservation1980
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS12/80Annual report on soil conservation activities for the year ended 30/6/19801980 W.E. Matheson (ed)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS13/80Farming at Stockport: coping with change1980 W.E. Matheson
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS15/80Salinity and irrigation: management in Israel: a report of a study tour to Israel in April–June 19801980 P.J. Cole
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS1/81Winds of change1981R.M.Wood, W.E. Matheson
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS2/81Laboratory methods of soil and plant analysis 3rd edition1981D.L. Heanes (ed) 
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS3/81The effect of agricultural practice on the nitrogen cycle1981R.J. French
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS4/81Land use and erosion in the catchment of the Pekina Reservoir, South Australia1981C.V. McQuade, R.E.R. Hartley, G.J. Young
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS7/81Annual report on the Advisory Committee on Soil Conservation 1980/811981W.E. Matheson
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS8/81Proceedings of the soil and plant analysis training course 19811981W.E. Matheson, D.J. Reuter, J.B. Robinson (eds)
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS9/81An assessment of irrigation requirements for crops in the Angas-Bremer area1981A.J. Solomon, G. Schrale
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS10/81Tillage systems and soil loss research in Eastern Australia1981R.E.R. Hartley, S.D. Moore
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS11/81The Delta Meter Mk 3 – an improved tipping bucket gauge for monitoring tile drain flows1981G. Schrale
Soil Conservation Branch ReportS1/82A revegetation programme in the Arid Zone1982M.C. Willcocks
Special Land DescriptionsSB1A description of the land in parts of the Hundreds of Bremer and Freeling1971 D.J. Chittleborough
Special Land DescriptionsSB3A land description of Lake Gilles National Park1974 R.M. Wood
Special Land DescriptionsSB4A land description of Carappee Conservation Park1975 W.J. Davies
Special Land DescriptionsSB5A survey of soils near Wharminda and Stokes, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia1975 P.M. King, A.M. Alston
Special Land DescriptionsSB2A description of the land in the Hundred of Mortlock, County of Flinders, South Australia1976 R.M. Wood, W.J. Davies
Special Land DescriptionsSB6 A study of the Fleurieu Peninsula Coast: erosion, landform, vegetation and land use1977 R.E.R. Hartley
Specific Land Use SurveySS01Specific Land Use Survey Section 516 Loxton Irrigation Area1972K.G. Wetherby, K.A. Watson
Specific Land Use SurveySS02Specific Land Use Survey Block B, Loxton Irrigation Area1972K.G. Wetherby
Specific Land Use SurveySS03Murray New Town site selection: a preliminary soil and land form survey1973 D. Chittleborough, M. Wright
Specific Land Use SurveySS04Soil survey of Section 113 Hundred of Monarto1974 D. Chittleborough and D. Maschmedt
Specific Land Use SurveySS05Soils and land use of the Redcliff Point area, South Australia1974 D. Chittleborough, D. Maschmedt and R. McR. Wood
Specific Land Use SurveySS06The potential of portion of the Bremer River Valley near Callington, South Australia, as a site for the disposal of sewage effluent1974 D.J. Chittleborough and A. McCord
Specific Land Use SurveySS08Nuriootpa Viticulture Station, Block B1975 C.L. Rudd
Specific Land Use SurveySS09Monarto soil investigations: soil salinity investigations 1974–751975 W.E. Matheson
Specific Land Use SurveySS10The suitability of land for irrigation in portion of the Northern Adelaide Plain, South Australia1975 W.E. Matheson
Specific Land Use SurveySS11A description of the soil on block F18, Northfield Research Centre1975 K.G. Wetherby and K.A. Watson
Specific Land Use SurveySS12Soils of the Monarto town site: interim report - south western section1975 D. Chittleborough and D. Maschmedt
Specific Land Use SurveySS13Monarto topsoil survey: city centre and surrounds1975 A.K. McCord
Specific Land Use SurveySS14Soil survey of parts of the Kingston Irrigation Area, South Australia (1)1976 Keith Watson... [et al]
Specific Land Use SurveySS15Soil survey of parts of the Kingston Irrigation Area, South Australia (2)1976 Keith Watson... [et al]
Specific Land Use SurveySS16Soils of the Monarto town site1976 D.J. Chittleborough, D.J. Maschmedt, M.J. Wright
Specific Land Use SurveySS17Soils of the Padthaway Irrigation Area, South Australia1978 K.G. Wetherby and D.W. Armstrong
Land DescriptionsLD1A description of the land in County Albert, County Alfred and part of County Eyre, South Australia1973 Potter, J.S., Wetherby, K.G., Chittleborough, D.J

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