Cudlee Creek and Kangaroo Island Bushfire Information

Advice for agricultural and primary producers impacted by the fires at Cudlee Creek and on Kangaroo Island.

  • The PIRSA bushfire hotline – 1800 255 556 – is available for primary producers and/or animal owners seeking urgent assistance and information on agricultural impacts or animal issues that cannot be dealt with through normal veterinary or community services resulting from the December 2019 bushfires and other emergencies.
  • PIRSA have officers available to assist with the assessment of injured and burnt livestock.
  • Livestock producers and owners requiring assistance with agistment, fodder and water supplies and landowners wishing to donate emergency fodder are advised to contact Livestock SA on 8297 2299.

Injured or stray wildlife

For assistance with injured and stray wildlife and companion animals please call SAVEM (South Australian Veterinary Emergency Management) – 0477 055 233.

Key contacts

See the list of emergency contacts for:

Restoring primary production properties after a fire

Further information for businesses and landholders to consider when:

Recovery measures

Recovery measures and support available to those affected by the Cudlee Creek and Kangaroo Island fires is available through the Department of Human Services.

Bushfire recovery grant for primary producers

Eligible primary producers can now access grants $15,000.

Additional assistance will soon be made available to primary producers in bushfire-affected areas of South Australia. This will allow eligible primary producers to access total grant funding of up to $75,000 to support the recovery process.

Learn more about eligibility and application requirements

Carcass disposal

View information from the Environmental Protection Authority on burn damage and carcass disposal.

Restitution of water used for fighting fires

If water from your property was used by the Country Fire Services (CFS) to fight the fires you can claim for the restitution of water by the following ways:

  • If you are a SA Water Customer – contact the SA Water Customer Care Line on 1300 883 121. Customers who have had their water used to fight fires will have this replenished free of charge when the CFS confirms that the water was used to fight fires.
  • If you are not a SA Water Customer – Phone the Mount Barker CFS Headquarters (Region 1) on 8391 1866 during office hours. The CFS will assess, prioritise and coordinate the delivery of water to you by SA Water.

Cash Donations

Those looking to provide financial assistance to those impacted by the fire can do so through the Vinnies SA Bushfire Appeal – December 2019.

Mental health support is available

Farmers, farming families and regional businesses dealing with the impact of recent bushfires in South Australia can access the Family and Business (FaB) Support Program. FaB mentors are available to discuss issues and provide support to those in need, and many members of the FaB team have experience in bushfire recovery, or connections in fire affected areas.

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