Services to aquaculture industry - cost recovery

PIRSA has responsibility for managing South Australia’s fisheries and aquaculture resources in accordance with the Fisheries Management Act 2007 and the Aquaculture Act 2001.

Both these Acts have been established to protect, manage and develop the aquatic resources of the State in a manner that is consistent with ecologically sustainable development.

PIRSA is required to regulate commercial, recreational and Aboriginal Traditional fishing activities to ensure sustainability of fisheries and aquaculture resources and to maximise returns to the community of South Australia from their use.

Cost Recovery Policy

The South Australian Government introduced a Cost Recovery Policy, which PIRSA has been operating for approximately 20 years. The policy operates from the premise that South Australia’s aquatic resources are owned by the State and managed by PIRSA on behalf of the community and the costs associated with Government services that arise as a direct result of commercial access to the resources, are recovered from commercial lease and licence holders through regulated fees.

These services include, but are not limited to, aquaculture management, environmental monitoring, compliance, leasing and licensing, program management, any biological research and economic research.

In order to ensure the State’s public resources are managed in a sustainable, efficient and cost effective manner a review process was established under the cost recovery policy, which is undertaken on a five year cycle to ensure best practice arrangements are maintained.

Fisheries and Aquaculture cost recovered activities are guided by the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines 2014.

PIRSA Cost Recover Policy (DOCX 277.4 KB) was established to enable consistent decision making on the appropriate recovery of costs of PIRSA's goods and services.

A Fisheries and Aquaculture Cost Recovery Framework (DOCX 179.9 KB) has been developed to provide stakeholders with a simplified description and overview of the whole cost recovery process.

Cost Recovery Implementation Statements

Cost Recovery Implementation Statements for each commercial fishery are available by clicking on the following links:

Cost recovery reviews

The State Government initiated an independent review of PIRSA’s Cost Recovery Policy in 2018, as it applies to fisheries and aquaculture.

This review of the current policy was undertaken against best practice arrangements including the recommendations contained in the recent Commonwealth Productivity Commission inquiry into the fisheries and aquaculture sector.

KPMG was appointed to conduct this review of PIRSA’s Cost Recovery Policy for fisheries and aquaculture. KPMG consulted with the fishing and aquaculture sectors and PIRSA during the review.

The final report from KPMG included 11 recommendations which have been accepted by the State Government and are being implemented by PIRSA.

PIRSA’s Cost Recovery Policy was previously reviewed in 2015. The report is available below:

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