AgTech Growth Fund

The AgTech Growth Fund helps accelerate the development and commercialisation of game-changing technological innovations in South Australia’s agricultural sector.

The Fund provides non-repayable grants of up to $100,000 to projects that address a specific industry challenge in these areas of focus:

  • digital agricultural software or hardware such as sensors, imagery, precision ag, data stewardship
  • smart farm equipment such as robotics, machinery or automation
  • supply chain technology such as traceability.

Eligibility criteria

All applications must be proposed by a group of active private sector partners that represent the project’s value chain such as:

  • researchers
  • those involved in the production or supply process
  • industry members, for example growers and customer end users
  • technology developers.

Each applicant group must include a current primary industry producer as its sponsor.

Research organisations are not eligible to apply in their own right.

Projects must be completed within 12 months of the funding agreement with the Minister.

The applicant group must provide at least 50% or more of the project’s total budgeted cost in cash or in-kind. In-kind contributions are capped at 50% of total applicant co-contribution. All co-contributions from research organisations (including universities) are capped at 20% of the total project cost. See application guidelines for further information on applicant co-contributions.

To apply you must also:

  • be South Australian-based and proposing outcomes that deliver results to the South Australian agricultural sector
  • hold an active Australian Business Number (ABN) and be registered for GST
  • be a legal entity capable of entering into a grant agreement
  • complete the majority of your project activities in South Australia
  • not have received funding from another South Australian or Australian Government program for the same activities.

You will not be eligible to apply if any of the applicant group have not met all the terms and conditions placed on any previous South Australian Government funding, grant or concessional loan provided to them.

The maximum PIRSA contribution is $100,000.


Applications for the AgTech Growth Fund have now closed.

Successful projects from the current round of the AgTech Growth Fund include:

  • McLaren Vale Wine Grape and Tourism Association
  • Beston Global Food Company
  • Trust Provenance
  • Coolsan
  • Flux Robotics
  • Blue Farm Intelligence Pty Ltd
  • Australian Pork Research Institute Ltd
  • Cropify Pty Ltd
  • Gumpara Wines


AgTech Growth Fund Program guidelines (PDF 242.4 KB)


For further information about the AgTech Growth Fund please contact:

Robyn Terry – AgTech Co-innovation Officer

Page Last Reviewed: 23 Jun 2022
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