myPIRSA is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online system.

You must register to use myPIRSA. Once you have registered, you will receive an email with your username and password.

Upgraded myPIRSA portal now available

You’re invited to be one of the first to use and provide feedback on the upgraded myPIRSA portal.

The upgraded system has a fresh new look and improved features. The new system will run alongside the existing myPIRSA portal, and you will be able to access PIRSA’s online services through either system.

Learn about the upgraded myPIRSA portal.

How to use myPIRSA services

Apply for a new service

You need to apply for a service for each registration, license, permit or accreditation that you have.

  1. Register as a new myPIRSA user or Login to myPIRSA as an existing user.
  2. Click the ‘My Services’ tab.
  3. Select the relevant service in the section ‘Click here to apply for a new service’
  4. Enter the relevant information if prompted based on the service you have requested
  5. Look for the service in the ‘My Services’ area.

You can use ‘Approved’ services immediately.

We need to approve services labelled ‘New Services in Progress’. We will:

  • review your application
  • send you a notification email when we have approved it.

Contact the relevant PIRSA business group if you have not received a notification email within 4 working days of applying.

If we reject your service application:

  • You will not be able to use the service.
  • We will send you a notification email explaining why we denied the application.

eCatch reporting service

Access the eCatch reporting portal to view PIRSA data relating to:

  • your licence; quotas, devices and conditions
  • your contact details and personal preferences
  • historical reporting and generate Quota Balance Statements
  • manage the rights of those on your licence
  • submit all reporting.

Contact PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture if you are having problems with the myPIRSA system.

Aquaculture Production Returns

Aquaculture Environment and Monitoring Program

Contact PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture if you are having problems with the myPIRSA system.

Help using myPIRSA

YouTube videos:

See the myPIRSA troubleshooting page if you need further help.

Page Last Reviewed: 03 Jul 2020
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