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Regulations for dairy businesses

Dairy production is regulated by Dairysafe (Dairy Authority of South Australia) under the Primary Produce (Food Safety Schemes) (Dairy) Regulations 2017.

Dairy businesses that require accreditation

Accreditation is required with Dairysafe (Dairy Authority of South Australia) if you are involved in:

  • dairy farming for milk production, whether with cows, sheep or goats.
  • transportation of raw (unpasteurised and unpackaged) milk
  • processing of milk into products that milk makes up more than 50%
  • further processing milk products for sale such as yoghurt or ice cream.

Accreditation does not apply to:

  • retail establishments unless they are also manufacturing for sale
  • retail transportation of milk products that are already packaged.

The Department of Health and local government authorities manage selling and transport of processed milk.

How to apply for accreditation

Phone Dairysafe (Dairy Authority of South Australia) if you need to apply for accreditation.

Contact details for Dairysafe (Dairy Authority of South Australia)

Dairy Authority of South Australia
PO Box 140
Glen Osmond, SA, 5064 

Phone: (08) 8223 2277
Email: admin@dairy-safe.com.au

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