One Biosecurity

One Biosecurity (1B) is South Australia’s voluntary on-farm biosecurity management program that helps livestock producers:

  • better manage
  • protect
  • promote

their animal health biosecurity practices and plans online.

Developed in collaboration with key industry groups, including Livestock SA, the online 1B portal promotes and supports producers to adopt good on-farm biosecurity practices and risk management.

What you get from joining One Biosecurity

Producers who use 1B can develop greater resilience and flexibility to meet the demands and challenges of changing markets and potential disease threats.

By joining 1B you will gain access to online tools that allow you to easily:

  • create an approved biosecurity plan for your property that complements other accreditation programs and meets the requirements for a biosecurity plan under the national Livestock Production Assurance Program
  • generate an Animal Health Declaration to accompany stock being transported
  • generate a Farm Biosecurity Rating and a Farm Disease Risk Rating that you can promote to existing domestic and international markets
  • access best practice biosecurity assessment, management, response advice and guidelines for multiple livestock diseases in South Australia
  • have all your farm biosecurity records available in an easy to update single location
  • view and benchmark biosecurity ratings of other registered producers - helping you make better informed purchasing decisions.
  • contribute to the overall industry and regional biosecurity safeguards

Who can use One Biosecurity

1B is currently only available to South Australian users, including:

  • livestock producers who have a current Property Identification Code (PIC)
  • livestock agents
  • livestock buyers
  • saleyards
  • abattoirs

There are plans to integrate 1B with other applications which will make it more accessible to users in other states.

Costs to use One Biosecurity

The 1B program is completely free for users. There are not costs to register or access online tools.

Data Security

One Biosecurity has been developed with the highest security standards in mind to ensure that data is secure. Security features include:

  • only PIRSA Animal Health staff are authorised to access producer details
  • producers can control which aspects of their enterprise profile other people can view. The default setting is private and producers need to actively change their setting for information to be viewed publically.
  • users need to authenticate to the 1B portal via the myPIRSA single sign-on portal which prevents unauthorised access.

Register with One Biosecurity

Livestock producers can register for free at

Livestock agents, buyers, saleyards and abattoirs can register by contacting their local Animal Health Officer.

What happens after you register

The One Biosecurity portal takes you through the program’s two main components:

  1. Biosecurity Practices Questionnaire
  2. Endemic Disease Risk Rating modules.

After answering the questionnaire, you receive a biosecurity rating for your enterprise.

You can also choose to complete a disease risk rating. This covers specific endemic diseases that occur in South Australia such as Johne’s Disease for cattle and sheep, pestivirus for cattle, sheep lice and ovine footrot.

Once your biosecurity profile is set up on the portal, you have the choice to share it publically or keep it private.

To ensure credibility, all information you provide will be verified by PIRSA Animal Health Officers. This is done through online checks of your claims as well as random and targeted on-farm assessments.

Learn more about the One Biosecurity online portal (PDF 1.7 MB)

Why we need One Biosecurity

Learn why One Biosecurity is so important to South Australia’s multi-billion livestock industry.

Introduction to One Biosecurity

One Biosecurity with Geoff Power

1B is here

We are 1B

How One Biosecurity helps the livestock industry

A strong biosecurity framework is critical to help grow and support South Australia’s primary industries, protecting our reputation for exceptional food and wine, and maintaining and increasing a market advantage for producers in international and domestic markets.

One Biosecurity is helping the livestock sector address demand for greater market credibility and improved product traceability by:

  • supporting market access by providing reliable details about the safe biosecurity practices of the property of origin
  • enabling agents, buyers and abattoirs to employ credible and transparent checks for on-farm biosecurity practices and animal health management before and at point of purchase.
  • providing credible assurances to existing domestic and international markets and helping producers to meet potential new market access requirements
  • assisting allied industries involved in the purchase and transport of cattle and sheep to make better informed purchasing decisions, leading to better risk management when purchasing livestock
  • helping improve disease surveillance and analysis capability, which is vital for the early detection of animal disease emergencies.

One Biosecurity brings a level of transparency to livestock trade that helps secure South Australia's status as a producer of healthy, market-ready livestock.

Contacts and support

For technical support or questions regarding your One Biosecurity registration - including how to undertake a risk assessment of your property:

Phone: (08) 8429 3300 during business hours

Biosecurity SA's Animal Health Officers can offer advice and practical information on how producers can improve their farm biosecurity practices. Find your local Animal Health Officer

To report serious or unusual symptoms or behaviour in your livestock, see the reporting animal disease page.

One Biosecurity Style Guide and logos

Livestock producers and allied businesses registered with 1B can access a range of digital and physical materials to promote their 1B registration.

Download the One Biosecurity Style Guide (PDF 476.3 KB) to find suggestions, material and guidelines to help you promote and share your One Biosecurity story.

Registered One Biosecurity users can also download the below 1B motifs for their own use. For further advice or assistance on using the 1B motif, please email:

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