Regulations for meat processing and meat handling businesses

All meat processing and handling businesses must comply with food safety arrangements in the Meat Scheme (PDF 289.9 KB or DOC 765.5 KB).

The Primary Produce (Food Safety Schemes) (Meat) Regulations 2017 is also referred to as the Meat Scheme.

Meat businesses that require accreditation

You require accreditation if your business is involved in:

  • Growing poultry.
  • Killing, flaying and dressing of animals.
  • Killing and dressing of birds.
  • Killing and processing of game animals in the field.
  • Boning out and/or further processing of meat and poultry.
  • Manufacturing of smallgoods.
  • Storing of meat and/or meat product in chillers or freezers.
  • Transportation of meat and/or meat products.

Accreditation is not required if you have one of the following businesses:

  • Retail businesses that sell meat in the same pack in which it was received.
  • Businesses that slice and cut ready to eat meats for retail sale.
  • Businesses that process meat, where the processing occurs in the preparation of meals, for sale to consumers, whether or not the meal is consumed on the premises.
  • Restaurants, hotels, delis, cafes, lunch bars, takeaways and roadhouses where meat is prepared as part of a meal for customers or paying guests.

Download the Meat processing accreditation fact sheet (PDF 301.6 KB) for more information.

If you produce, rear or house any livestock for meat consumption you must also have a Property Identification Code (PIC).

How to apply for accreditation

Use the following forms to:

  • apply for accreditation
  • notify when a business changes hands
  • notify that a business has relocated.

Meat Food Safety Scheme application for accreditation (PDF 192.1 KB)

Poultry (on farm) Food Safety Scheme application for accreditation (PDF 151.7 KB)

Accreditation annual fees

Annual fee includes:

  • administration fee - $237, plus
  • activity-based points system - $120 per point.

View information on how points are calculated (PDF 166.5 KB)


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