Sheep Industry Fund

Transitioning to industry

The Sheep Industry Fund administration and governance is transitioning to Livestock SA in 2019–20.

Information on the new process.

All sheep owners in South Australia contribute $0.55 per head to the Sheep Industry Fund when 5 or more sheep are sold for $5 per head or more.

The Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development is the administrator of the Sheep Industry Fund. The South Australian Sheep Advisory Group makes recommendations to the minister on spending priorities for the Fund.

Contributing to the fund

The sheep seller is responsible for paying contributions to the Fund unless a collection agent is involved.

Collection agents include:

  • stock agents
  • abattoirs
  • butchers.

Collection agents are responsible for contributing to the fund when they are involved in a sale.

Sheep vendors must confirm that the collection agent has made a contribution as they may become ineligible to take part in programs sponsored by the Sheep Industry Fund if the contribution has not been forwarded.

Sheep Industry Fund Approved 2018-19 Projects

The Minister has approved the release of $3.12 million from the Sheep Industry Fund in 2018-19 for projects to benefit South Australia’s sheep industry as recommended by the SA Sheep Advisory Group as follows:

Animal Health, Surveillance & Traceability ($2,186,849)

  • Footrot Management Program - $718,905
  • Enhanced Abattoir Surveillance (EAS) Program - $488,832
  • Johne’s Disease Management Program - Sheep (OJD) - $453,472
  • National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) Compliance Program - Sheep - $356,932
  • Sheep Lice Management Program - $155,208
  • Sheep Health Declaration Booklet Printing - $13,500

Predator Control ($459,220)

  • Dog Fence Maintenance Program - $232,780
  • Biteback Wild Dog Control Program - $183,840
  • Wild Dog Trapper Program - $37,500
  • Box Flat Wild Dog Control Program - $5,100

Industry Advocacy ($388,203)

  • Livestock SA Contribution - $388,203

Communication ($31,983)

  • SheepConnect SA Communications - $31,983

Skills Development ($28,500)

  • SA Sheep Expo 2019 - $9,500
  • Farm Gross Margin Guide Update - $9,000
  • WoolTAG Toolbox 2018 - $5,000
  • Mid North Young Guns Improving Welfare and Health (IWH) Program - $5,000

Other ($30,000)

  • Small projects - $30,000 (for details on how to apply for small projects see ‘How to access the fund’ below).

In addition to program funding, the Minister has also approved expenditure from the Sheep Industry Fund in 2018-19 for fund administration, advisory group expenses and refund payments.

Details of actual fund expenditure will be published in the 2018-19 Sheep Industry Fund Annual Report and made available on the PIRSA website once this report has been tabled in Parliament.

How to access the fund

Expressions of interest for new projects are sought annually in January/February through the Stock Journal.

Expressions are assessed by South Australian Sheep Advisory Group in March. Shortlisted expression of interest applicants will be notified and requested to complete and return a full funding application for assessment in May.

Proposals >$10,000 must be submitted during this formal submission period (February to May) or they will not be considered. Funding proposals <$10,000 however may be submitted at any time during the financial year for consideration.

More detail about funding guidelines and investment priorities is available in the Sheep Industry Fund Management Plan 2018-19 to 2022-23 (PDF 136.1 KB).

Enquiries should be directed to:

Luke Fitzgerald - Executive Officer, Sheep Advisory Group
PIRSA, Biosecurity SA
Phone: (08) 8429 0862
33 Flemington Street, Glenside SA 5065

Contribution refunds

Requests can be made to the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries for a refund of contributions. Refunds can only be requested from the preceding financial year.

To request a refund:

You are not entitled to any service or benefit from the fund for 2 years if you receive a refund.

Contribution forms

More information

Sheep Industry Fund Annual Reports

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