Sheep Industry Fund

A new Sheep Industry Fund governance model

A new process is in place for Sheep Industry Fund expenditure from 2020–21 onwards.

Information on the new process.

Public Meeting

The 2020–21 management plan for the Sheep Industry Fund was presented at a public meeting on 5 June 2020.

Watch a recording of this meeting.

The 2020–21 management plan (PDF 389.9 KB) includes estimates of the likely contributions to the fund over the coming five-year period, proposals for investment of the fund, and proposals for how the fund will be applied to benefit contributors.

Under the Primary Industry Funding Schemes Act 1998, a revised management plan must be prepared and presented for the funds at least once a year.

For further details, please call (08) 8429 0471, or email

Contribution Rate

All sheep owners in South Australia contribute $0.67 per head to the Sheep Industry Fund when 5 or more sheep are sold for $5 per head or more.

This contribution currently comprises 2 parts:

  1. a general contribution of $0.55
  2. a dog fence rebuild contribution of $0.12.

Information on the increase

The Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development is the administrator of the Sheep Industry Fund.

Contributing to the fund

The sheep vendor is responsible for paying contributions to the Fund unless a collection agent is involved in the transaction.

Collection agents include:

  • stock agents
  • abattoirs
  • butchers.

Collection agents are responsible for collecting the contribution from vendors when they are involved in a sale and remitting contributions to the Fund.

Sheep vendors must confirm that the collection agent has collected the contribution as vendors may become ineligible to take part in programs funded by the Sheep Industry Fund if the contribution has not been collected.

Contribution forms

Collection agents, and producers where relevant, must remit Sheep Industry Fund contributions within 14 days after the end of each quarter using the following forms:

Send completed forms to:

Sheep Industry Fund
C/O Biosecurity SA
33 Flemington Street
Glenside SA 5065


Sheep Industry Fund approved 2020–21 expenditure

The Minister has approved the release of $4.25 million from the Sheep Industry Fund in 2020–21 for projects to benefit South Australia’s sheep industry as follows:

Livestock SA application comprising 15 projects.
Please refer to the Livestock SA website for more information.
Dog fence rebuild$758,000
Dog fence maintenance$248,356
Enhanced Abattoir Surveillance Program$577,283
Sheep Industry Fund administration costs (budget)$25,000

In addition, the fund will also be applied to refund payments as approved by the Minister during 2020–21.

Details of actual fund expenditure will be published in the 2020–21 Sheep Industry Fund Annual Report and made available on the PIRSA website once this report has been tabled in Parliament.

Contribution refunds

Sheep producers may request a refund of contributions made in the preceding financial year. Requests for a refund of contributions can be made to the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development by:

If you received a refund, you are not entitled to any service or benefit from the fund for 2 years. A body to which payments are made out of the fund may receive information identifying sheep producers on whose behalf contributions have been paid or refunded.

More information

Sheep Industry Fund Annual Reports


For further information about the Sheep Industry Fund, please contact:

Ms Casey Work
Department of Primary Industries and Regions - Senior Policy Officer
Phone: (08) 8429 0471

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