The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) helps the livestock industry to grow and become more profitable.

We do this by:

  • increasing trade and investment
  • advising industry associations
  • running animal health programs
  • giving business and technical advice
  • carrying out research and development.

In 2018-19, South Australia's livestock industry generated $4.5 billion (meat, dairy, wool and skins) in revenue.

Livestock Industry Funds

We help to manage these Livestock Industry Funds:

Industry associations

We give advice to livestock industry associations on government regulations. This helps the industry to maintain compliance with regulations and protect the reputation of South Australia’s livestock products.

Animal health programs

We are involved with many animal health programs that aim to keep South Australian livestock disease free. Healthy livestock are more valuable and desirable. The livestock industry and South Australian economy benefits greatly from our animal health programs.

Learn more about animal health.

Business and technical advice

Our Rural Solutions department gives livestock owners technical advice about:

  • improving profitability
  • international competitiveness
  • livestock species
  • investment advice
  • managing livestock projects.

Learn more about Rural Solutions.

Research and development

Our South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) works on livestock research projects to support the livestock industry.

SARDI’s Livestock research includes:

  • Sheep program
  • pig and poultry projects
  • genetics and reproduction
  • animal health and metabolism.

Learn more about SARDI’s livestock research.

Growth programs

Our Red Meat and Wool Growth Program will improve cattle and sheep quality and productivity, enhance biosecurity and help grow more prosperous regions. It will do this through strategic skill development and the installation of infrastructure and adoption of tools to increase the use of technology and data based decision making across the value chain.

Red Meat and Wool Growth Program


Michael Blake
Meat and Livestock Account Manager
Phone: (08) 8429 0458
Mobile: 0477 361 785

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