Rural chemicals

Agricultural and veterinary chemicals

Agricultural and veterinary chemicals enable the production of sustainable, high-quality crops and livestock.

Our biosecurity division maintains the productivity of our primary industries, protects our natural environment and sustains the health and wellbeing of our communities.

About rural chemicals

Correct use of agricultural and veterinary chemicals maximises the quality and yield of crops and livestock.

Incorrect use of these chemicals can damage crops, harm the environment and put human health at risk.

Veterinary chemicals

Veterinary chemicals are used to treat or prevent disease, injury and pests in animals.

They are critical to the welfare of livestock productivity, domestic animals and native fauna would be impacted. It would also compromise livestock productivity.

Reporting Agricultural and veterinary chemicals misuse

Recording chemical misuse information helps understand the problem and informs policy and guidelines.

Find out what information you need to report to the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Hotline.

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Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Hotline

Report chemical misuse, or contact Rural Chemicals

1300 799 684
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