The Seafood Food Safety Scheme applies to all aquaculture and fisheries license holders catching or producing fish for human consumption. The Seafood Food Safety Scheme is established in the Primary Produce (Food Safety Schemes) (Seafood) Regulations 2017.

Seafood food safety

Growers and harvesters of seafood are considered to be primary food producers under the Food Act 2001.

Growers and harvesters of seafood are required to produce safe and suitable food and conform to the requirements of the Food Standards Code including the Seafood Standard 4.2.1.

Bivalve mollusc accreditation

All holders of aquaculture or fishery licences authorising the farming or taking of bivalve molluscs, who harvest or grow for human consumption must be accredited.

Bivalve molluscs include:

  • oysters
  • mussels
  • scallops
  • cockles
  • pipis.

Complete the Seafood Food Safety Scheme Application for Accreditation (PDF 119.4 KB)

Annual fee

The annual fee comprises:

  • administration fee - $238
  • activity based fees.

To obtain accreditation an accredited producer must have an approved food safety arrangement. A producer must:

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