Oriental Weatherloach

Oriental  Weatherloach (<i>Misgurnus anfuillicaudatus</i>)
Oriental Weatherloach (Misgurnus anfuillicaudatus)

Freshwater species found in South Australia. Detected along the full extent of the River Murray, it must not be returned to the water when caught.

The Oriental Weatherloach is a medium sized fish that can:

  • compete with native fish for food
  • tolerate a wide range of conditions.

Report Oriental Weatherloach in waterways outside the Murray River catchment to Fishwatch 1800 065 522 or via the free SA Recreational Fishing Guide App.

What to look for:

  • slender eel-like fish
  • colour varies from yellow, olive green, light brown or grey
  • mouth surrounded by three sets of barbels.

More information on Oriental Weatherloach (PDF 2.2 MB)

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