Hive management

Bees must be kept in a frame-hive that meets the requirements below:

  1. The hive must have a removable lid to make moving bees easy.
  2. The box must be fitted with movable frames supported inside the box so they can stand on edge in a vertical position:
    • at least 6 millimeters
    • no more than 20 millimeters between adjacent frames.
  3. Each movable frame must:
    • have a flat sheet of foundation at its centre
    • be separated from all inner surfaces of the box and any other movable frame place above it by at least 8mm
    • be placed inside the box so it can be easily removed for inspection.

Apiarists must not expose:

  • frames
  • combs
  • apiary products
  • appliances

to open air where bees may have access to them.

Clean water with suitable mineral content must be available within 200 metres of the hive.

Page Last Reviewed: 22 Feb 2018
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