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PestFacts Issue 4, 2020

In this issue: are springtails friend or foe, send in your armyworms, recent regional pest observations, a guide to using PestFacts Map.

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Biosecurity News, June 2020

In this issue: Dog fence build commences, campylobacter, fruit fly outbreaks, wild dogs, feral pigs, Asian Paddle Crab, Giant Pine Scale, SA red meat and wool support.

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Crop Watch Issue 2, June 2020

In this issue, we take a closer look at how stem nematode can impact crops.

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PestFacts Issue 3, 2020

In this issue: early insect activity, slug monitoring and baiting tips, checking emerging crops, southern region pre-season webinar.

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Fish Facts April 2020

In this issue: recreational fishing and boating during COVID-19, buy local and stay home this Easter, management plan for recreational fishing, Fair Fish delivering South Australian seafood, World Fisheries Congress postponed.

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PestFacts Issue 2, 2020

In this issue: weed web moth, snail baiting tips, identifying insects for free, new PestFacts team member, all reports are good reports.

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Biosecurity News, March 2020

In this issue we take a look at bushfire grants, the dog fence rebuild, African Swine Fever, and more.

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PestFacts Issue 1, 2020

In this issue: Fall armyworm detected in North QLD – what it means for SA, Russian wheat aphid – to treat or not to treat your seed.

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Fish Facts February 2020

In this issue: Snapper release weights, shellfish reefs, Murray Cod fingerlings released, Sustainable Seafood Week, and Port River ban on removing bivalve shellfish continues.

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Fish Facts - What to catch this summer

This summer is a great opportunity to let our ocean catch you by surprise and try a lesser-known fish like Australian Herring, Australian Salmon, Sweep, Snook or Yellow-eyed Mullet. There is an abundance of fish species in South Australia that offer taste, versatility and enjoyable fishing experiences.

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PestFacts Issue 10, 2019

In this issue: Black Portuguese millipedes on the move, summer management of pest snails, pea weevil management, tackling pesticide resistance.

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PestFacts Issue 9, 2019

In this issue: Helicoverpa update, vegetable beetle reports, spring's friends and foes, Russian wheat aphid set to migrate from crops.

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Fish Facts November 2019

In this issue – Keep watch for Asian Paddle Crab, consultation on draft blue crab management plan opens, call out for Fishcare Volunteers, fisher caught with seven times the legal Razorfish limit, plus more!

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SARDI Impacts, November 2019

Seeking nominations for AgTech Advisory Group, SARDI’s work in oyster spat and industrial hemp trial results show the crop and be grown successfully in SA.

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Biosecurity News, November 2019

African swine fever update, bee biosecurity and Asian paddle crab.

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