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South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) is the research arm of PIRSA and provides a range of research and development services to primary producers, industries and organisations.

We work with the state government, commercial clients and research partners. to help make South Australia’s primary industries and regions internationally competitive and ecologically sustainable.

Rigorous scientific research and development principles underpin our services, and modern facilities and skilled staff make us a world leader in key research areas and techniques.

Our research programs are designed to:

  • increase the productivity, sustainability and adaptability of the state’s agriculture, food and wine, fisheries and aquaculture and bioscience enterprises
  • create opportunities for market growth, address barriers to growth and provide applied solutions.

SARDI research programs and centres

SARDI is one of Australia’s leading applied research institutes, supporting the development of a sustainable and economical primary industry sector in South Australia.

Our highly skilled and qualified staff carry out world leading research, in four main research specialties, presented regularly in our publications and reports.

SARDI also has an extensive network of research centres, laboratories and field sites across South Australia, supporting the innovative work of our dedicated and skilled scientists.

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