One Biosecurity

One Biosecurity is South Australia's new farm biosecurity management program.

The new voluntary biosecurity program will help us to better manage, protect and promote South Australia's strong biosecurity regime across its livestock industry.

It will also better recognise and support the role and importance of the individual producer and their on-farm management of biosecurity risks.

One Biosecurity is being designed and implemented in collaboration with the livestock industry, in particular with the assistance and support of Livestock SA.

The first release of the One Biosecurity program will target sheep, beef cattle and dairy cattle industries – and will be officially launched and open for registrations in mid 2018.

Central to the One Biosecurity program will be the ability for producers to register, manage, check and declare their farm biosecurity status online.

Once registered, producers will be able to quickly generate a government and industry endorsed biosecurity plan for their property. This can be downloaded and used not only for One
Biosecurity, but for other programs that require a farm biosecurity plan.

The new online biosecurity management tool – which is currently being trialled – will include access to the latest disease information, best practice advice and checklist and allow producers to declare their status for a range of endemic diseases, specific to their industry.

Keep informed

Sign up to stay informed on the progress of One Biosecurity and when it will be ready for launch.

Everyone who signs up will receive a monthly email update on:

  • the progress of One Biosecurity
  • the latest biosecurity tips and advice
  • other related news and events.

Everyone who pre-registers now will be given the opportunity to register first for One Biosecurity status once the online program is released.

On-farm biosecurity and abattoir production survey

Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) is conducting a survey to investigate the association between on-farm biosecurity practices and the abattoir productivity. We're seeking willing livestock producers who have consigned sheep or cattle to Thomas Food International (TFI) in 2015 or 2016 to undertake the 15 minute survey.

By participating in this survey you will help us better understand the strength of the association and what the potential benefits are between on-farm biosecurity and farm productivity measures with production and profit outcomes from abattoir outputs.

All personal information collected as part of this survey will be protected and will remain confidential. Also all results will be aggregated so no individual identification is reported.

The online survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Go to the online survey

The survey is being conducted in collaboration with The University of Adelaide Veterinary School, PIRSA and TFI. As part of the survey, individual producers' answers in the survey will be compared with their individual outputs at TFI and their related enhanced abattoir disease surveillance (EAS) data.

Surveys can also be conducted over the phone, if you would prefer someone contact you please email Allison Crawley  at:

Participants Information Sheet (PDF 616.6 KB)

How One Biosecurity will work

Producers who have a current Property Identification Code (PIC), as well as allied businesses such as livestock agents, buyers, saleyards and abattoirs, will be able to register and use the online One Biosecurity program, once it is released

Producers seeking One Biosecurity status will need to complete the program's two core components:

  • Biosecurity Practices Questionnaire
  • Endemic Disease Risk Rating modules.

Producers who complete a successful One Biosecurity registration will be able to print and/or make available an online summary of their status and endorsed biosecurity plan to use when selling, buying or promoting their livestock.

Producer claims regarding biosecurity and disease status will be verified through online and on-farm checks, to ensure the integrity of the system. These checks will be carried out by Biosecurity SA field officers.

Why we need One Biosecurity

One Biosecurity will help safeguard and promote the State's $5.5 billion livestock sector. It will assist South Australian livestock producers to make safer, more informed livestock purchasing decisions that will better protect their livestock and livelihood.

Agents, buyers and abattoirs can also register and use the One Biosecurity online tool to make credible and transparent checks. Details about good biosecurity practices and animal health management will be openly available before and at point of purchase. One Biosecurity will also help address the growing challenges of increased consumer demand for product traceability. Markets will have access to reliable details about premium produce and the safe biosecurity practices in the paddock of origin.

One Biosecurity will help secure South Australia's status as a producer of healthy, market-ready livestock. It will provide credible assurances to existing domestic and international markets and help us meet potential new market access requirements.

Agents, buyers and abattoirs will also benefit from One Biosecurity. The program will give them the ability to employ credible and transparent checks for good biosecurity practices and animal health management before and at point of purchase.

This will assist all allied industries involved in the purchase and transport of cattle and sheep to make more informed purchasing decisions, leading to better risk management when purchasing livestock.

One Biosecurity will also help improve disease surveillance and analysis capability, which is a vital in maintaining the State's favourable animal health status and for the early detection of animal disease emergencies.

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