Farm Gross Margins and Enterprise Planning Guide

Gross margin template for crop and livestock enterprises

The 2017 Farm Gross Margin Guide helps farmers and advisers compare the gross margins of enterprises, paddocks and rotations and their respective sensitivity to changes in production, cost and price to ultimately make the best decisions to maximise the chances of a successful 2017 season.

Free copies of the printed guide are available at selected regional and metropolitan PIRSA offices.

Download the printable Farm Gross Margin Guide 2017 (PDF 4.3 MB)

Editable guide available for cropping gross margins

The editable Gross Margin Guide will be available in February and will now include livestock gross margin.

The Gross Margin Guide will be published on this page when it is available.

Sponsored by SAGIT and GRDC, produced by Rural Solutions SA

Page Last Reviewed: 23 Jan 2017
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