Permits and exemptions

Permits and exemptions are required to undertake activities that would otherwise contravene the provisions of the Fisheries Management Act 2007 and supporting regulations. Permits and exemptions are only given where the Minister is satisfied that there is good reason for the proposed activity.

Applications for permits and exemptions are assessed on an individual basis after fully completed forms have been lodged with the Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) Fisheries and Aquaculture Division and required fee payments have been made. Applications without payment or a supported waiver of the fee request will be returned to sender. There is no guarantee an application will be successful.

Exemptions may be given for periods of up to 12 months and are not renewable. Each application is considered on its merits. Compliance with the conditions of any prior exemption held by the applicant may also be considered as part of the assessment of any subsequent application.

Ministerial exemptions and permit application forms

Waiver of application fees

Applicants can apply for a waiver of application fees for an exemption or permit by writing to the Director, Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy. These applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Send applications to:
Director, of Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy
14th Floor, 25 Grenfell Street
GPO Box 1625
Adelaide SA 5001

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