Controls on feeding livestock

It is illegal to feed livestock with restricted animal material, including:

  • food or food scraps containing animal matter
  • vegetable waste that may have had contact with animal matter.

Eating contaminated food scraps is the most likely way to cause outbreaks of:

  • foot and mouth disease
  • bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) or mad cow disease
  • other significant diseases.

Don’t feed these to animals

All meats, including:

  • meat scraps
  • meat trimmings
  • offal
  • blood
  • bone
  • carcasses.

Food or food scraps that may have had contact with meat products, including:

  • used cooking oils or fats that are untreated
  • fruit or vegetables
  • pizzas and breads.

Food scraps or rubbish from:

  • bakeries
  • restaurants and cafés
  • supermarkets
  • food processing or manufacturing plants
  • private residences
  • rubbish dumps.

What to do if your animals get sick

Phone the Emergency Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 678 888 if your animals get an unusual illness or die unexpectedly.

Contacting a veterinarian early can help to:

  • confirm  an outbreak
  • control disease spread
  • protect livestock industries.
Page Last Reviewed: 26 Feb 2018
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