Commercial Marine Scalefish Fishery Reform Consultation

South Australia's Commercial Marine Scalefishery needs reforming to ensure sustainable fish stocks and a viable industry into the future.

A Commercial Marine Scale Fisheries Reform Advisory Committee (CMSFRAC) was established in 2018 to guide the development and implementation of a reform package for the fishery, which includes an industry consultation paper outlining the strategic options necessary to achieve the required reform.

Consultation on the proposed reforms is now closed. Consultation was undertaken in September and October 2019, and included regional meetings with commercial licence holders alongside inviting feedback on the industry consultation paper.

We would like to thank those licence holders and fishers for their contributions to this process.

View the Industry Consultation Paper - Options for the reform of South Australia’s Commercial Marine Scalefish Fishery. (PDF 2.2 MB)

Next steps

Once the submissions have been collated they will be made public on the PIRSA website to ensure transparency. Feedback will be given to the CMSFRAC before their next planned meeting on 23 October 2019. They will consider the feedback and provide the Government with industry’s final advice on a recommended approach to reforming the Marine Scalefish Fishery.


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