South Australia accounts for almost 80% of Australia’s premium wine production produced from some of the oldest vines in the world.

We dominate the Australian wine industry with just under half of all Australian vineyards situated in South Australia.

Our capital city, Adelaide has joined an exclusive group of Great Wine Capitals - an internationally renowned network which will strengthen our global reputation for premium food and wine tourism. More information is available in the announcement.

In 2017-18, South Australia’s wine industry generated more than $2.15 billion in revenue.

Development of South Australia's wine sector is supported by

  • SA Wine Industry Association who is the industry peak body
  • grape and wine industry associations that support grape growers winemakers at the regional and state level.

Go to the Wine industry funds page for more information.


With over 700 wineries across our state, South Australia produces some of the most famous premium wines in the world.

South Australia exports its premium wines to more than 100 countries.

Our wine is exported to major markets such as:

  • the United Kingdom
  • China
  • Unites States of America
  • Canada.

Quality assured

South Australia’s reputation for excellent quality-assurance standards mean consumers and investors can be confident our wine is:

  • high quality
  • clean
  • safe.

Rigorous biosecurity measures and strict safety standards protect our food and wine industries.

Thanks to these standards, South Australia is one of the few places in the world that is free of the vine-destroying pest phylloxera.

Food and Wine ScoreCard

Industry trends and predictions are detailed in our Food and Wine ScoreCard Reports.

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